Vegetable reserves

2개월 전



Hearing that the closed management has begun, many blocks have already banned shopping malls and supermarkets.Today, my husband went to the countryside to bring back a lot of vegetables, and I also bought some meat outside.


Today was worse than yesterday, and many people started hoarding supplies.


Since yesterday, it has become more and more difficult to buy vegetables, and fewer and fewer vegetables are available.Suddenly see so many vegetables downstairs, really envy the owner of this car of vegetables.


Suddenly received a notice, everyone has to be isolated at home, my children feel so too boring to draw a picture for me.


Peanut 🥜 is also called falling peanut.It's peanut flowering season, and I have some of last year's leftovers, which I'll turn into delicious food over the weekend.


Today, one of my friends said that the flowers that she had raised for a long time had finally opened up, and she paid very much attention to the whole process.It reminds me of raising children, a harder thing than growing flowers.Her flowers are already open, and my kids don't know if they can work.


Now is the time for new tea to hit the market. Chinese people always have a tradition of drinking tea. As a Chinese, I also like to buy some fresh tea in this season, although I do not usually drink tea.


It had rained for a day, from one or two o'clock in the morning, until now.I like the rain of this season. Do you like it?


My husband has always had his smelly feet.A friend of mine told me yesterday that she bought a drug supplement for foot odor.I decided to let my husband try it, too.


Today, my mobile phone suddenly suggested that the traffic is insufficient, so I have not opened the mobile phone WiFi these days, with the traffic is the mobile phone card with.As a result, my data flow this month has been seriously overdrawn.Today's only April 11, and the next days without traffic will be tough.

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