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Great timing of placing the results online just before I want to go to bed! 😅

Loved to compete against these great entries again. Congratulations to all the winners: @whimsical-magic, @ileana56 (really happy that you won, the expression between those two amazing 😍) and last but not least @himalayannomad


Thanks for your participation this week. Your picture was awesome!


No thanks at all! It is one of the things here on Steemit I try to clear my agenda for🤙🏻


awesome shot from you!

Wow. Those photos by @whimsical-magic @ileana56 (👌) and @guchtere are simply outstanding. Congratulations to them and all the winners. And, thank you @derangedvisions for selecting my photo again.

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thanks for the honorable mention. I wasn´t expecting that. such a good collection of b/w photos.

Thanks so much for the mention, Wes! Loved the selection, congrats to all, well done!

Thank you Wes!
Congratulations to all the winners, one more week with great entries!

Wow THANK YOU so much for this pre-Christmas surprise at the first weekend of Advent ~ 🌟 ~ I am more than happy that my impression had been honored with the first place especially since I loved all entries a lot...! It must be as hard as rewarding to judge and I am not that jealous of the job :)


well deserved 1st place. love your picture!


Thank You so much...! I am always very happy to see your name among the participants & winning entries...! And I greatly hope you can enjoy lovely last hours of Sunday right now :)

Congratulations to the winners.
Thank you for the mention, @derangedvisions. And more important, thank you for this great contest.

Thank you very much for the honorable mention!
Congratulation to all winners, your photos are outstanding!

Thank you so much, @derangedvisions! Congratulations to all the winner!

  ·  2년 전

Awesome photos!

Thank you very much!
Glad you like my work! 8)

My congratulations to all winners and mentioned participants! 8)