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I love your contests, brother! There are was some cool photos that people use for your contests. I look at them and wonder what I can do to make my photos better! Keep up the good work and the great photos coming all!


Thank you. I am glad that people appreciate them. There is so much talent here on the platform and we can all learn and be inspired from looking at each other's work.


truely amazing works seen! yes u r right we all learn from each other! good initiative indeed @derangedvisions

Very happy with the result, thank you for choosing my photo :-)
Looking forward to the next one!

I am incredibly thrilled to find myself winner of ˋAmateur´ ~ 🤗💜 ~ This was just the surprise needed to make a gloomy day a bit brighter :)
Thank you so much...! I feel honored indeed in light of all other marvelous contributions ~ ✨ ~ ! ~

Thanks so much for selecting my photo as one of the winners! Great work everyone, congratulations to all

Woohooo Honorable mentions with all those awesome photos!! I am pretty happy thanks DV!!

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Great News, thanks for the Honorable Mention. Honestly, in this Round I wasn´t expecting to be named. Such good photos!! 👏

Thanks man! Getting an honorable mention among such great photos is an honor indeed!

yayyyiie...I am thr too.Thank you....but the first three -they stole my heart.. <3

Stunning submissions!

Wow, thanks for the feature! :) These are some awesome shots!

Oh, my!!! Thank you for even looking at my photos! I think that there is a lesson here for me, LOL! I appreciate your support, my friend!

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for the honourable mention guys, and congrats to the winners.

WOW!! Great contest! Thank you so much! Congrats for the winners!

Thanks so much for the honorable mention, @derangedvisions, it's an honour! Congrats to the winners and mentioned on all tiers! I didn´t know about the contests by @czechglobalhosts, will follow and participate, thanks so much!

  ·  3년 전

Finally! I won first place after how many attempts of submitting entries!!! woooooooh! ^_^

Grats to everyone! All wonderful pictures.