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This is a moment I captured in front of the Central Market in Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh. To these boys, all the hustle and bustle around didn't seem to exist.

P.S. Seems the uploaded images have been compressed by Steemitimages since today. So it might be better to view the photo on other front-ends or apps such as steempeak,, esteem, partiko...

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It's a great theme! Here's my entry for the Amateur level contest:

This beautiful church stands on our street almost opposite to my house.
It's beautiful inside and out, and at any time of the year!
There are always a lot of people there, especially on holidays.


Cool theme, I haven´t competed in a while! :) Here is my entry. I am sure it is very familiar to you but for those who haven´t been to Krakow yet - this is the Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven (Saint Mary's Church) - majestic Brick Gothic church adjacent to Main Market Square in historic center of the city.


I took this shot on a lovely summer morning on the weekend this year. It´s from a place where there is a flea market every weekend. And flea market means lots of people and lots of different emotions, but mostly happy people.


I took this amazing frame with pigeons in Krakow. tier Amateur



I love seeing pictures from this spot! I was right on the other corner of the fountain when i took this picture.


I loved Krakow and I can't wait to go back.


This area with pigeons is fantastic! In black and white it looks a masterpiece!

Your shots of Krakow are absolutely stunning. Inspiring me to get out of my living room and go explore those places all over again, haha. The following is my submission for the Pro level contest, story to follow:
Old Bagan, Myanmar.

Reason for submission: this is street photography. How so? I don't see anyone around. No one is walking these "streets" that I can see.
And that is precisely my point. That is what makes this picture so stunning for me. Because once, many ages ago, these were not ruins. These were not empty, desolate places. Once, ages ago, these streets positively bustled with life. Much as we see in your Krakow pics, these streets once felt the footfalls of merchants, priests, and commoners alike.
Now they are desolate. Now they remind us of life's fragility in the face of time.

I will go out now and take a good shot.Thank you @derangedvisions

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great shot!!

Hello, beautiful photographs. Greetings

A thousand crystalline (de)lights are shining in the famous ˋBahnhofstraße´ in Zürich...! Forever one of my most beloved places especially during Christmas-time ~ 🌟 ~

I love street photography, especially when I travel! This is a picture from my recent trip to Portugal. It is shot from a window of the famous tram 28, the vintage means of transportation of Lisbon which carries you across the city center for a sightseeing tour with style :)
More about this trip here!


I have used this shot for the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge too. I hope you don't mind Wess, it just fitted perfectly to your new theme :)

Tier - Beginner.
A Street Vendor, selling peanuts.

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My entry for this week's theme. - Life is not always easy!