Cryptogee Photomash Logo Challenge - My entry.

2년 전

Cryptogee Photomash Logo Challenge

kivsha entry.png

The dear steemit member Cryptogee had a challenge for us - to design a logo for his Photomash Challenges, so I decided to combine two opposing animal - a predator and his prey, in the most realistic way I could achieve.

I was inspired by the biblical proverb "The wolf will live with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat; The calf, the young lion, and the fattened calf together" (Isaiah 11) - not exactly the same animals, but the inspiration is from there.

here's a photo of the layers list:

I hope you enjoyed my art, and would love to hear your comments!

Photos taken from Pixabay:

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אתה לומד רפואה?



יצא מגניב,
"לאייל יש הבעה של "בא תאכל אותי.
סטים חתימת פוסט.png


כן אה? בוא תאכל אותי אם יש לך אומץ עם הגוף שהלבשתי לו 😁

Hallo @kivsha! Yesterday you have flagged my comments on the contest, I want you to give a reason for your unprofessional actions

  • The Point: you must immediately to give the reason?

You need to check things better 🙂
I removed the flag right away as you can see in
There is an "unvote" right after the downvote... you can check it.
I accidentally pressed the flag in my cellphone as it's a bit hard to navigate in a smartphone's screen.

And here's an upvote for you.


Yes, I understand that as you explained, thanks for your attention, I like your attitude. Here sometimes also a little difficulty to navigate, next time you have to be careful in the right flag area of ​​our smartphone :-)

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