DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 7 - Color Challenge

4년 전

DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 7 - Color Challenge 72dpi v2.jpg

Here is my entry for the Design A Character Contest - Week 7 hosted by @w0olf.

My entry is of an elvish warrior who has been grafted with treelike armor. A "chimera"... an organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, formed by processes such as fusion of early embryos, grafting, or mutation - Google Definition. Much like a cyborg but biological in nature.

I began with a pen and ink drawing using a variety of Copic Multi Liners and a Pentel Brush Pen FL2F on a plain sheet of 8.5x11 inch paper.

DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 7 - Color Challenge Inks 72dpi v2.jpg

I then digitally colored it in Clip Studio Paint using the colors below...

color contest.png

This was a lot of fun! Please check out the original post for the contest here and don't forget to check out the comments to see all of the other awesome entries!


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Wow this is really freaking good. You art is amazing. I wish I could draw compelling pieces

Oh wow very cool!!! 😎👏👏👏✏️


Thank you!

Nice entry and welcome to steemit!


Sorry, somehow I missed your comment...

Thanks and thanks!