DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 4 - Special Edition - TOP 3

4년 전


Good evening dear Steemians!

This weeks special Edition of the #DesignACharacter Contest was really exciting,
and filled with a load of great, fluffy, kuddly @steemkitten entries!

You all did a great job, and I enjoy seeing the diversity of people, art styles and techniques!

@fraenk and me had a hard time to choose our top 3, but in the end we had exactly the same choices.

I suffered servere cuteness overload, but I loved every second of it!

Top 3 of the Design A Character Contest - Week 4 Special Edition


by @zneeke


by @localola

Design A Character: @Steemkitten Character Design Contest Entry

by @zeppelin

Now it´s up to you to vote for the winner!!

Voting rules
To vote for the winner of this weeks contest you have to manually type the name of your favorite artist in the comment-section of this post.
Voting ends on Wednesday 17th of January 2018 at 10AM UTC.
Upvotes on the entry-posts are highly appreciated but will have no affect on the contest-voting.
To help prevent bot voting, votes from inactive accounts will not be counted.

You are not in the Top 3?

Dont be sad, if u did not made it into the top 3 this week.
Another Challenge is waiting next week!

Honorable mentions

And this are this weeks honorable mentions!

Design A Character contest entry for adorbs Steemkitten!

by @jillustrations


by @skippyza

Design a Character Contest. SteemKitten.

by @dunsky

[Sketch] - designacharacter Contest #4 / Kitten 1 [FR/EN]

by @oreille-pointue

Thanks again for all your entries!

Have a nice day!



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This is hard! I can‘t really say, but if I have to choose one it would be @localola, because it‘s bright and colorful.
I love @zneeke‘s design and @jillustrations so much!

There were really great entries and so many cute and cuddly kittens.
From top 3, my vote goes to @zneeke. It's just so cute kitten :)

my vote goes to @zneeke :)

This is a daaaam tough one. 😿 I love all of them so much, but I love all the different poses, so my vote goes to @zneeke. Well done everyone!

This is so hard to choose! The three have very different design !

Can I vote for @jillustrations ? No ?...

  • I like the poses of @localola 's kitten, I think she has the most dynamic kitten in the final 3. If I had to choose a drawing, I will pick this one.
  • @Zneeke has done a really good work, theses drawings already look like emoji, but I don't have a crush on his kitten (I think it's the eyes).
  • And @zeppelin... I think there is work to do on the design... but the idea is just awesome ! Personally, I prefer the little "skribble" on the top left of his page : I found it more "cuddly" than the drawings (the big head, maybe?).

So... I vote for @zeppelin, because his kitten is way more original than all the others, even if (to my point of vue) he needs some ajustments.

Thanks to all the participants, and to the organizers ! This contest is becoming more and more epic from week to week.

Loved all the entry’s, must have been painful just to narrow it down to just three. My vote goes to @localola

Amazing job everyone! Looks like some kittens will be saved hehe
It's really hard to chose only one, but my vote goes to @localola because it is something special and looks like that kitten would really need a bit of love. :)

Steem On!

I love the little snaggle tooth. @zeppelin

I am voting for @zneeke!
The heart shaped tuft on the chest is SO adorable!
And with lots of poses there will be more versatility.
Although it would be awesome of he were colored blue! <3


Sadly I only had 2 warm gray markers at the time :p
Today I got few more, and soon I plan to get other colors (the shop was empty) :)

My vote goes to @localola b/c it gives up such a positivie vibe!

So many cool cats, hard to choose... But vote goes to @zneeke !

Oh! I just LOVE the one @localola has done! It looks so cuddly and friendly I just want to bring him home with me! So my vote goes to @localola :)
The other entries where great too! Congrats everyone♥

Congratulations everyone! Everyone did such a great job. My vote goes to the leader of the cute little kitten army @zneeke!

So many good ones! but I think @zneeke gets my vote :) thats a proper cute cuddle kitten :D

great job everyone! I really like @localola design :P

This entry by @zeppelin is my favorite

oooo that’s a really hard choice - they’re all fab. Well done everyone. Hmm... ok, if I HAVE to pick one, it’s @localola. So colourful, happy and I definitely want a cuddle.

But I do also love the sad eyes one by @zeppelin.

@localola is the best drawn one, and has a great colour scheme (and is really very cute) but actually, even though it might not be as good "technique-wise", the best idea by a mile for me is @zeppelin's entry.
I love that it's a floating cat essentially. Makes sense in the digital world! This little kitty would fit right in.
I still think it could use some polish and little adjustments here and there, but the basic idea is absolutely fantastic.
double thumbs up! ♡


Just te be sure... that counts as a vote for @zeppelin, yeah?


yes! haha sorry, should have been a bit clearer :P

@localola, that is one affectionate little kitty.

All three are very Nice, But My vote is for

nice very good :)

those are good ones they nailed it

I give my vote to @localola

But I won't cuddle, it makes me sneeze ^o^