DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 4- @steemkitten Special Edition - And the winner is...

4년 전


Have a wonderful day dear Steemians!

This weeks special Edition of the #DesignACharacter Contest was really thrilling,
and filled with a load of great, fluffy, kuddly @steemkitten entries!

Was a pleasure to see all your entries!

Again, you all did a great job, and I enjoy seeing the diversity of people, art styles and techniques in this contest!

And now

It´s time to announce the winner of the "Design a Character Contest" @steemkitten Special Edition

You had the oppurtunity to cast the winner out of my personal Top 3.

And as for the votes in our Top 3 post our winner of the Design a Character Contest - @steemkitten Special Edition is

@localola with her "DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 4 - SPECIAL EDITION! ||Steamkitten"

Congratulations, you did a great job @localola! Hope to see you again in the next Contest!! :D

You will get your prize as soon as this post has paid out!

The Followups from our Top3

Second an third place of the Top 3 are really great too, and as promised, all three of you will get a @trophy-token! Just make sure you have a bitshares account and tell me your account-name!


by @zneeke

Design A Character: @Steemkitten Character Design Contest Entry

by @zeppelin

Payout of Prize from Week 2

I transfered the prize of week three (in total 5.564 SBD) to @cartoonistpandan today! Congrats again :)

Well actually I did the transaction 2 times, thanks to an error in steemit... :(

Should have taken the warning of a duplicate transaction serious!
Maybe @cartoonistpandan is so kind to send back the 2nd transaction. ;)

The next contest hopefully will start in a few hours!

I have to rethink a few things, and make up the new theme.

I hope I can make today, but maybe you´ll have to wait till tomorrow. ;)

So stay tuned for more Infos!

Thanks to all the artists, you did a great job!
I hope you will participate in the second week of this contest.
And thanks as well to everyone in the community that support this contest in form of resteeming and upvoting.

Have a nice day and steem on!



Our Discord Channel has already grown to a great community of artists and Art-Lovers!
So why wait? Just join in the fun! :D

Join our #designacharacter discord server!


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jumps around in joy

Thanks everyone for sending in all these awesome fluffballs and cuddly cuties. Guest-judging this contest was a ton of fun and I was pleased about all the positive resonance.

Kudos to @localola, she was one of the first to submit an entry to the contest, and obviously she nailed it.

But there were so many amazing entries, not just the winner, not just the top 3, so many good ones, UGH!

Now I have to think about how to move forward with the real @steemkitten.

I'll try to talk to @localola asap if she'd be interested in an actual collab.

Maybe we just need to launch multiple steemkittens to display all the cuteness... like a tree full of Mocafurbs and then some?! makes mental note of collecting tons of SP to charge an army of cuddle bots We'll have to see!



hello fraenk! I would love to make collabs with you, the problem is I can't log into the steamchat :( i tried also the other passwords, but it always fails...what do I do wrong?


are you using Discord by any chance?! fraenk#6694 isn't working too well, I think Discord has become the preferred real-time hub for steemians?!

P.S.: oh and is a separate sign-up... your steem keys don't work there

P.P.S.: I located your ancient dA and sent you a message there also, don't want to exchange emails or skype handles on chain!

Woohoo! Thank you so much everybody :D you people really gave me the best experience in just in a few weeks on steemit! Thanks for the support, you guys. Big hugs and kisses <3


Congrats, sweety - here's my first prize...Enjoy!

tenor (46).gif

Source: Tenor Gifs harm done Mr W0olf.. :) I'll transfer back the 2nd transaction to you later then..Thanks for the prize. :)


Haha great, thanks :)


Hi Mr @w0olf, I have returned the SBD paid to me by mistake. I included a memo as well in the transfer. Thanks a lot.

yay. congrats to @localola!


I just created a BitShares account, my account name is eng-935 Thank you again!

Great work everyone. Congratulations you 3! Mighty fine kittens indeed! :)

Congrats to the winner! Great entries btw!

So many cute kittens. Congrats to all they creators!

I think i seen most of the entries and must say there was a whole bunch i RLY think picking the winner must have been hard... gratz to all!

Did you see my crypto kitty figurine I sculpted? I am now doing giveaway exclusive for steemit users. Check it out, everybody is invited to take part

Steemy kitty ;)