Sexualizing kids, to these people, apparently doesn't matter or it's beautiful.

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I think, for a rather long time, reasonable people have been raising our eyebrows at the phenomenon of children's beauty pageants. We've questioned the idea that it was appropriate to put a bunch of make-up on prepubescent girls and have them prance around in swimwear (hell, people have been raising issue with that in concern to adult women). We've also raised questions regarding the kind of adult man who would attend by his own volition - even judge such an event.

So, I think you know when you've gone off the "woke" deep end when you see an eleven-year-old boy prancing around in almost no clothing and grown men throwing money at him and say "Nothing to see here! Nothing wrong with this!" because it's a drag show and you're slavishly trying to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Seriously, I've been called a homophobe for saying that Desmond is Amazing is a kid who is being sexually exploited with the permission of his parents. Several videos of the kid, including one of him pretending to snort drugs, have been taken down by YouTube for being too explicit and violating their terms and conditions. This is the same platform that has no problem with Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball.

I do not and have not had any problems with drag performances - I've attended drag performances. I also know that the content of drag performances is usually intended for adults. It's not intended for adults because of the LGBTQ+ nature of the shows. It's intended for adults because of the sexually explicit content that's usually presented.

The reality is that enough people have gone insane that there are young children shoving dollars into g-strings and grown men throwing money at eleven-year-old children in gay bars all in the name of political correctness and wokeness.

Personally, if you're an adult man and you express interest in seeing a young child strip and prance around in stage for you, I'm probably getting ready to call the cops.

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