Who are you within Covid 19 ?

5개월 전

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With all the fear and panic going around I asked myself the question- who am I within Covid 19?

Whether or not it’s man made, spread by bats, or doesn’t exist at all, I found myself buying into all the ‘hype’, fact or fantasy, there is no doubt in my mind however that we are heading for ‘darker times’, that humanity at this point in time is facing themselves, who and what we have become, accepted and allowed.

So what’s my choice - I go into depression and worry about the future, my potential loss of income and the pending economic crisis, that by the way is not stable enough to withstand this situation; so what is that telling us? Perhaps it’s flawed from the get go, the fact that something can be up one minute and down considerably the next, there is a massive imbalance in this world, so whatever the reason for Covid 19, it’s here, real or make believe the fear is real and the level of control that is being inserted into the system in the name of keeping us safe ! Who AM I is what is important, how do I empower myself to be the best that I can be? How do I move forward with the tools of self forgiveness and correction of my own consequences for my own actions of how I have been living in fear and inequality, self interest as my own DIS-EASE?

The time is now - this is a final chance/push to be the best that humanity can be in the face of adversity - let’s become the humans we are supposed to be, the ones that stand up and let go of all past hurts and judgements toward ourselves and others, equalise ourselves with what’s here, face it and change it.

Forgive and let go and write the new script of life - of equality and oneness - let’s bring about a world that is best for all. #diplite #desteni

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