Living Liver Cleanse

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The liver is an essential organ that carries the burden of much of our processing of toxins in the body. While the liver is the main filtration system for toxins, it also has various other important functions including the manufacture and regulation of hormones, energy production, creation of proteins and plays a role in cleansing the blood. The liver also assists with digestion and regulation of vitamins and minerals in the body.

A balanced liver is functionally assistive in clearing out toxins from the body by acting as a filtration system. If the liver is overburdened due to excess toxins or other health complications, the entire body, as well as mental health, can be affected. It is possible that liver filtration can result in depression of mood, poor digestion, reduced mental clarity and brain fog, and many more symptoms down the line.

A liver that is properly functioning can cleanse the body system and will allow the body to function at optimum energy levels with clarity, ease and healthy digestion, eyes, skin and nails and potential of increased libido.

There are various foods that can be easily incorporated into the diet to heal and assist the liver in its role of cleansing:

Chicory is also known as endive, and is a strong liver cleansing herb that can be eaten raw and can be added to salads. It has a slightly bitter taste that stimulates the liver while offering refreshing crunch and medicinally assistive functions. Dried chicory root can also be used as a cleansing substitute for coffee.

Artichoke is another liver-cleansing food that is highly medicinal and also nutritious. Artichoke is frequently used as a supplement for liver cleansing and for biliary disorders- that is, disorders of the biliary tract including gallbladder and bile which assists in breakdown of fats in the body. Artichoke is particularly recommended for those with a slow digestion, and as a diuretic for those with kidney failure.

Another favorite and accessible liver cleanser is Milk Thistle, or Silybum marianum. Milk thistle is a strong liver regeneration herb that grows in North America and Europe. Milk thistle has a lightly sweet and slightly bitter flavor. This is one of the best herbs for both liver liver cleansing and liver protection, as it has great hepatic-protective qualities. Milk thistle is often recommended as a supplement for people with hepatitis and liver failure, as well as for those who have insufficient bile production. Milk thistle has also been used externally to treat dermatitis and as an anti-inflammatory to relieve sunburn.

These three herbs are a great natural source of nourishment, cleansing and protection for the liver. The liver works hard to clean any toxins the body encounters, and adding daily herbal support can greatly ease the burden on this essential organ.

*While these food supplements are safe cleansers, always consult with your doctor before adding supplements or making changes to your diet

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