steemit blockchain turns 2 years old/ steemit Blockchain wird 2 Jahre alt

3년 전

Blockchain visualization

Two years ago today the first block of steemit Blockchain was produced. This birthday I took as an occasion to visualize the first three blocks of the blockchain graphically. For this purpose I've created a 3D model of a chain and inserted a cuboid into each chain link, on whose surface a few of the data contained in the blocks are displayed. Each block contains a unique ID and the ID of the previous block. These IDs are used to link the individual blocks and thus form the chain.

Visualisierung der Blockchain

Heute vor zwei Jahren wurde der erste Block der steemit Blockchain erzeugt. Diesen Geburtstag habe ich zum Anlass genommen, um die ersten drei Blöcke der Blockchain grafisch zu visualisieren. Dazu habe ich ein 3DModell einer Kette erstellt und in jedes Kettenglied einen Quader eingefügt, auf dessen Oberfläche ein paar der in den Blöcken enthaltenen Daten dargestellt werden. Jeder Block enthält eine eindeutige ID und die ID des vorherigen Blocks. Über diese IDs werden die einzelnen Blöcke verknüpft und damit die Kette gebildet.




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Finally an simple easy to understand example of blockchain technology without a bunch of big word too

Happy birthday Steem 😉
I think we can already celebrate his glorious future


its* English is neutral du Deutscher :D
Ich mache den Fehler aber auch ständig c:


Damn I'm shameful now 😂
Thanks for this grammar tip



Congratz with the best blockchain inovation we all share ;) Let make some more powerfull years on steemit and hope for the best and enjoy ;D,

And may there be many more years to come...

Sehr nette Idee für ein 3D Modell :)

This is a nice way to make understand the blockchain to non initiated people. Keep having these good ideas and happy birthday to Steem.

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wow, 3D presentations of steemit block simply superb @cryptoriddler
👌👍👌👍 and of course happy bday steemit 😇😇

Congrat and happy birthday to the best blockchain. What are great record will have here. You are doing great job.

Your posts are great for learning German.

This is a creative way to commemorate a birthday. Nicely done.

Yeah, really a great feat

Excellent job👌👌👌

Superb nice

Happy birthday to steemit! Nice to see how this place is growing and the way that all the teemians help each other ☺️

congratulations and more power!


Finally an simple easy to understand example of blockchain technology without a bunch of big word too

excelente idea, lo felicito éxito

Happy birthday to steemit and thanks to the creators and the contributors of this fabulous social network.

Happy birth found day.... Great work 👏👏

very cool :D

This is great content as usual ! It’s hard to believe that such a great BlockChain such as steem is so young in age . I strongly believe The Steem BlockChain is one of the best there is . With its zero fees and unbelievable transaction speeds the future of Steem is very promising! Thanks again for the valuable and enjoyable post !

thats an awesome idea the visualization of the blockchain.. thanks for that now i am motivated to do some 3d stuff xD

Happy birthday to steemit blockchain :)
You have done nice editing for your post.

Ja so kann man das eigl. auch gut erklären was? :D

Is it not wierd that you have 189 votes , which I assume are all upvotes, and then only 1,90 dollars of rewards?
kind regards to all

a world without limits

Please comment and like my post. Thanks God bless

Follow and upvote @bendaniel

Das ist eine Tolle Idee. Ich bin erst Seit kurzem dabei und bin noch in der Entdeckungsphase von Steemit.

Bin auf die Möglichkeiten und Gesprächen gespannt.

Exciting times :)

Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to Steemit!

Excellent!! Happy Birthday!!

Interesting blockchain visualization. I like it.

Very nice job! Very easy to understand.