The search for Satoshi Nakamoto

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Ich habe alles getan damit Bitcoin autonom funktionieren kann. Ohne Satoshi Nakamoto

Das vertrauen würde auch ohne mich funktionieren und sich im Netzwerk entfalten.

Die erste Transaktion aus dem Bitcoin Netzwerk erhielt Hal Finney. Er war der erste Informatiker der sich für Bitcoin Interessierte.

Bitcoin ist nicht nur eine Digitalewährung, sie ist der erste Schritt zur Unabhängigkeit!

BLOCKCHAIN gab es bereits vor Bitcoin, es ist eine Uralte Idee. Schon die Kunsthändler aus dem 16 Jahrhundert nutzen eine Art Blockchain um Kunstwerke zurück verfolgen zu können.


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I have done everything so that Bitcoin can function autonomously. Without Satoshi Nakamoto

That trust would also work without me and develop in the network.

The first transaction from the Bitcoin network was received by Hal Finney. He was the first computer scientist interested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not just a digital currency, it is the first step towards independence!

BLOCKCHAIN existed before Bitcoin, it's an ancient idea. The art dealers from the 16th century already used a kind of blockchain to track works of art.

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Thanks you so much sir for sharing.

The BTC is a good step towards independence, since there is no entity that directs them, neither banks nor institutions; This is one of the reasons why it is gaining momentum in the world economy.

Good topic, and yes, also, Through its many unique properties, Bitcoin allows interesting uses not contemplated by any previous payment system

Good post dear friend. However, Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or a group? I have confusion about that.


Nobody can answer your question.

i guess satoshi nakamoto is a group

Thanks you so much sir for sharing @der-prophet

gute Diskussion. Bitcoin ist ein sehr einzigartiges Zahlungssystem👍👍

It was really a great information.have a nice day. Boss

Thanks for sharing these good tips on economics.

Thanks sir for sharing, @der-prophet very nice post.

Thanks you sir @der-prophet for sharing.

Thanks again for keeping us updated with the sharing @der-prophet