Day 12 in lockdown 🔒 Tag 12 in der Ausgangssperre - ENG/GER


OK, I must admit: I am really starting to get a bit cabin fever here at home. But at least we ate nice this evening. We ordered pizza and yummy pizza buns that were really tasty. Thanks to the brave people still doing their job out there! 🙏

Also ich muss gestehen, hier setzt so langsam etwas Lagerkoller ein. Aber wenigstens haben wir heute Abend lecker gegessen. Wir haben Pizza und Pizzabrötchen bestellt und es war wirklich köstlich. Danke an die mutigen Leute, die da draußen ihren Job noch machen! 🙏


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I hear delivery companies are getting a MASSIVE boost, bigger than any previous times in history. So the economy isn't completely destroyed, right? Haha.


Yes that's right😉👍They are a big help and very brave!