All that is needed for diabetes control

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Diabetes is one of the diseases in the world that has become a public health threat. This is not a germ cell or infectious disease. This disease occurs due to lack of essential hormone insulin in the body or the effectiveness of insulin. Extra fat people who take more food and those who do not work or work less, are more likely to have this disease. In some cases diabetes can occur if the male has this disease. This disease can also occur during pregnancy.

Earlier it was said that if a person has urine repeatedly, he is suffering from diabetes or diabetes. But the study found that, repeated urine reviews not only diabetes but also examines the symptoms of glucose levels and can diagnose diabetes only. Glucose levels of blood in empty stomach are 7 millimol / liters or more and after two hours the blood glucose level is 11.1 ml / ml or more, it is considered to be diabetes. Diabetes is of two types.

Type-1 or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus that occurs when insulin production is low or not. Type-2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus that occurs when the insulin does not work properly or if the patient's body weight is higher in the production ratio. Even during pregnancy, the amount of glucose in the blood increases. But after the birth of the child, they are cured. But if you are not aware then you are more likely to get diabetes.

There is nothing to fear if diabetes is in control. Regular eating habits, such as daily work, routine walking and exercising, keeping body weight right according to the height, etc., play an effective role in keeping diabetes under control. Along with the doctor's advice, taking medicines or insulin injections will be required. Sometimes, if the amount of blood glucose decreases or increases, the patient may feel sick. In that case, the glaucometer should take necessary measures to measure the amount of glucose in the blood. If many people have diabetes, they will stop the food completely. But in this case the complexity increases. Keep in mind that the number of foods rich in carbohydrate foods is higher in the daily diet list. Besides, one should eat one fruit every day in seasonal fruits.

Diabetic patients also have to take care of hands-feet. Diabetes patients take time to dry any wounds. So be careful that there is no wound in the body. Smoking, alcoholism, or eating habits of saffat-jarda will have to be abandoned. You have to practice for 40 hours a day for one hour. Those who still do not have diabetes, but are also likely to be aware of them.

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