I Wasn't Able To Do The Salt Technique For My Dialysis Today

3개월 전

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My session today went well at least but seven minutes before the appointed end of treatment time my vision is already dimming and again just close to "Bye-bye World" for me. About an hour before the supposed end of treatment I am already making a countdown of every sixty seconds.

It is because I am already feeling the tell-tale symptoms of hypotensive crisis, it is just I am not taking the attention of my nurses so that I could be able to complete my dialysis.

Thirty minutes before the end of treatment it gets quite bad, at this point I just want to give-up, "just about fifteen minutes more" I told myself since I can still endure it. Then after fifteen minutes it is really getting bad but I thought to really push through because I wanted to complete the dialysis.

But I could not really take it anymore as my vision is getting dim and my neck and all that is hurting already. I might soil myself or I might be able to stop my heart if I would wait for another seven short minutes more.

So before I basically die I have to get the attention of my nurses so that my blood could be returned and make me feel normal again. Thankfully as my blood when being returned will just make me feel better again especially if the nurse would infuse some additional saline solution.

My blood pressure reading was 90 Systolic so it is good enough because my nurses are already letting me go even if my BP reads 100 Systolic.

Anyway I wasn't able to ingest salt while I am hooked-up. I did tried to eat a teaspoon of salt but I spat it out back again because I could not simply do it in one go. I managed to eat maybe 1/8 of a teaspoon and then asked my mother to just buy me some tortilla chips snack and I ate that instead but I saved some because I could not simply eat a salty snack.

I am guessing that it worked a little bit and maybe I will just ingest some salt before we leave the house for my dialysis next time and also to snack some of these chips instead of eating one full meal, so that will be my plan and I just thank God for this day that I had another life-saving dialysis once again.


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I wish there was something they could do for you, maybe some experimental treatment in another country?

Salt isn't that tasty... icky poo.


Yeah it is a bad idea, salt is just too salty, it burns. I had to spit all what I had put in my mouth, all 1 teaspoon of it

That is how desperate I am with my BP issue.