More of my friends choosing the heart-path!

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The trend just doesn't seem to end! More and more of my friends are deciding these days to move, to quit their job, to try something else, to take a risk and to follow through on what their intuition has long been telling them for years. It's almost as if we all knew something was coming, as if all of us had to relocate or make the tough choice in order to arrive at where we need to be for the time that is coming. And while it looks different with all of us from the outside, the energetic tendency behind these actions seems to be the same.

And while I have some contenders for what that "something" might be I feel it's almost like programmed into us or something like that. Like an underlying inherent signal or a call to action for what is next when the time has finally come to follow that call - it's just too obvious to not notice the patterns that keep reocurring in my social surroundings, brave actions that are not really inspired by one another's behavior in our social circle but more by a long-pending decision time that we are now all sharing our decisions about within our circle.

And we find that - for one reason or another - it is time to say yes. Plain and simple. YES. YES!

To do the thing that most "traditionally-minded" shake their heads about citing all the various reasons not to make the right choice as the heart demands it. But then I ask the same doubters why they are doubting and all they come up with are reasons that are provably no longer so. Not only because of my experiences but because the basis for so many people's beliefs are fairytales, disguised as legit "truths". When you know Santa Claus won't come to bring the presents you really don't have to argue with people who devoutly remind you to better not be bad or Santa won't come.

"But what about your retirement?" I laugh, what retirement?

But what about "security and a safe job?" I laugh and think how the traditional system path could ever be mistaken for security given all the system blunders we all lived through all our lives + the bonus that emerges once you really start to dig into how these structures work(ed in the past) and how controlled literally any and all beliefs are that are floating about as "obvious truths" - false knowledge we have been handed and indoctrinated in. Provably so.

Maybe that's why I love it so much to see many of my friends make their own "risky choices" these days as some might call it. Because the more I see my kindred tribesmen and tribeswomen of the tribe of my own choosing follow their higher calling the more I know it really is time to do so.

If there is a tough choice you have been putting off where your heart tells you to do something but your mind always comes uo with reasons not to - here is the permission slip. Do make the love choice. It really is WITH the trend, a trend that many can't yet see until enough people have started to walk their talk.

If not we then who? If not now then when?


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