The final week of travel preparations is here!

2개월 전

The great voyage is drawing ever closer and we're freakin' excited to finally get on the road and live the life we have so diligently prepared for the last few months.

The van is in its final preparations now, I have learnt and tinkered for the last weeks and this week we're finally putting it all together, laying the foundations for our little electrical system in the van that is otherwise already equipped with everything else we need for the road - a little kitchen stove running on propane, a neat interior job with insulation and wooden planks, and loads of storage compartments for all the things we will take with us on our journey.

I'm happy to say our musical and performing equipment is functioning to full satisfaction as we tested it these last two weeks. The Roland Ac-33 busking amp with its two inputs for my acoustic guitar and for my woman's concert ukulele paired with a small 2-input usb-powered mixer for our two microphones that are then sent to the aux in of the Roland. Works like a charm!

It amplifies our performance but not to a degree that is audaciously loud - just enough so that people can hear us playing from a little farther away than unplugged.

A few system-related things are to be done and there are a couple of friends to visit before we go South for the winter and spring.

Starting February I will have to move to a different mode of writing because we will not be online perpetually. I want to write as much as I can during the trip, then use public Wifi to upload for the coming week - excited to see how that will turn out.

This trip has been coming for a long time and it's curious to feel how it has already turned to normal life even though we aren't quite living in the van yet. Can't wait for the first pasta on the road!

So, onwards to another day of soldering and cutting cables! This is all coming together now and life is calling us, yay!


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Thanks for stopping by <3

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Wow, sounds like you are prepared for quite the adventure! I love that you are hitting the road and living life the way it is supposed to be, completely free! I wish you the best of luck on your travels friend..


that means a lot to me coming from someone who already dared to take the jump before. I think we have a good plan going and are totally ready to abstain from many of the luxuries we had at home. It will be worth it, rest is up to the universe.

Thanks brother <3

Exciting!!! If you are on Facebook I can recommend you to join this Group - It's good if you have questions about nice places to stand with the bus all over the world and also if there are problems with the bus on your way etc etc... it's a great community with lots of experience with living in the bus and driving around.
I wish you a great time!!!


sounds awesome, always good to have more options for questions and answers. thaaaaanks! it will be some awesome adventure hehe <3