Universe Offering Us A Prime Housesitting Opportunity | Diary


Abundance has been a constant focus of my woman and I on our travels, manifesting it and drawing it into our lives. And I gotta say: It worked out rather well thus far.


Whenever we seem to need something an opportunity presented itself to us. Doubts and worries on the ego level were always around but we opted to focus on being grateful and living a life where we don't hold back for mind-narratives of scarcity-fears. We learned to have faith in the great cosmic plan!

And just yesterday, as we were sitting in our van right on the Adriatic coast a car stopped next to ours. A dude, speaking German to us involved us in a conversation about our life and our mission asking about our story. Turns out he is a well-connected man in these parts, has been living here for more than two decades and - mentioned a new opportunity to us we are rather stoked on!

As we found out he is helping people install their solar panels in the neighborhood and because of it he is a friend of someone who is looking for people like us to help him out. A couple actually, who have planned to move here and have already built a luxurious villa for their retirement. But because they aren't yet able to live here full-time and are still abroad working towards their retirement they need someone trustworthy to look after their awesome house while they are away. Prevent burglaries and even welcoming guests as they have started to rent out their luxury place to well-paying tourists in the meantime.


Today we took a drive there with our new friend we met and everything feels really solid. For now it just means we can live in the smaller house next to the villa (which in itself is luxurious and premium considering our living standard in our van) so that we can keep an eye on the villa making sure noone tries to break in and steal stuff. We might even be able to make some on the side by running errands for high-paying tourists who book the villa for a week just to get away from it all.

We are stunned, really.

The whole thing feels like we have materialized it somehow and we are about to decide whether we should take the offer, sleeping on it a night or two.

It would mean we can live in an awesome house with a fridge, freezer, running water, shower, kitchen, couch and most of all a freakin' EPIC coastal view for a few weeks until the owners visit to talk to us about whether we want to continue staying and helping with their guests for the season. We feel this might harbor a great many unforeseen opportunities for us not only to help out other high vibing people in need with their mission but to acquire skills, to save hugely on our daily expenses and maybe even make some on the side while we're at it.

And it all just feels so natural, it's quite the no-brainer actually.

We will be able to work on our media projects in a shady house during the height of summer here, and come out more experienced and financially solid than when we entered. Just following that red thread and the signs has taken us to so many great places and people, and by all the energetic signs we observed today checking out the villa we feel we are right on course to the life we have been looking for on our travels. We aren't quite there yet and this will only be a new episode on our way there, but boy are we on the way!

A new stretch of the magic adventure is unfolding and we can't wait to see where life will take us next!


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