Wrong Diet Schemes

2년 전

You should be very careful when applying high protein and high fat diets. Such diets can lead to constipation. When you are constipated, your bowel movement slows down and you have difficulty in defecation.


The slowing of bowel movements is related to the food you eat. When a person who is practicing a diet program is constipated, he is surprised. The last thing we want is that the diet that he continues to jeopardize our health further.

Did you know what a wrong diet would cost? Diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, insulin, or constipation may occur with an incorrect diet.

Blood pressure is caused by the inadequate nutrition of the body. Heart diseases and blood sugar disorders in people with faintness and weakness can be seen. Constipation can lead to bowel syndrome or worse bowel cancer.


Constipation is also the main reason for breech diseases which are mentioned as anorectal diseases in medical language. Some of these diseases are known as hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas. Do not create a diet without a specialist doctor or dietitian to prevent these diseases.

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choose (low fat) whole plant based diet, it's most healthy, there's tons good recipes. It's possible to lose weight with it in healthy way...

my meal today:

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