Conscious Unhealthy Habits

3년 전


Did you happen to wake up this morning and eat something sweet?

Some people like to start the day with a coffee, I am not one of them. I like to start the day with something sweet and ended with something sweeter.

My diet consist of one or two dessert every day (breathing heavely...2/day). I am trying to loose weight. The key here is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and to avoid processed foods and sugar. The problem is that dessert is a big thing for me and I can't manage my cravings.

This is my gray area, what's yours?

But they say "Everything in Moderation".
Stay healthy!

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I have a sweet tooth too, but I am vegan so I don't have a lot of options for sweets, at least ones that I like. That has helped me cut back on my sweets quite a bit. Fruits definitely help with the sweet tooth too.


I am eating a lot of fruits and have been drinking plenty of water during the day. Week one - it's hard.


First week is always the hardest. Next week I am going to try to do about 75% raw food, and only eat a non-raw food dinner. Wish me luck!


Just let me know the details, I will try the same.


All the meals I eat except dinner I eat raw fruits and vegetables, for about 2 weeks and then I’m going to try to go completely raw

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