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This seahorse photo was taken at the Lisbon aquarium last winter.

The same place where I shot the jellyfish photo you can see in my wall.

Seahorses are named for their equine appearance, with twisted necks and since quite a while ago snouted heads and an unmistakable trunk and tail.

In spite of the fact that they are hard fish, they don't have scales, yet rather slim skin extended over a progression of hard plates, which are organized in rings all through their bodies.

Every specie has a particular number of rings. The shield of hard plates likewise secures them against predators, and on account of this external skeleton, they never again have ribs.

Seahorses swim upstanding, moving themselves utilizing the dorsal blade, another trademark not shared by their nearby pipefish relatives, which swim on a level plane.

Razorfish are the main other fish that swim vertically. The pectoral balances, situated on either side of the head behind their eyes, are utilized for guiding.

They do not have the caudal balance common of fishes. Their prehensile tail must be opened in the most outrageous conditions. They are capable at disguise, and can develop and reabsorb sharp limbs relying upon their natural surroundings.

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