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Good morning, Its @maduprecious and am going to be talking about digitexfuture. The use of blockchain technology have being seen to be the solution for the world to opt out from fiat money to cryptocurrency epoch but the major problem these days is, most exchange platform of these cryptocurrencies are outrageously expensive for users of cryptocurrencies. Most of us prefer the p2p transactions because of the high cost incurred in exchanging cryptos in most exchange site, but we all know that this method could bring about fraud in transaction, that is why the need to find a less or zero-commission exchange platform is needed, and that is what digitex is designed to do.

What Is Digitexfuture Exchange

Digitexfuture is a trustless exchange for digital currency that eliminates transaction fees of exchanging crypto currencies between entities. It solves the problem of high volume of charges from several exchange to buy or sell crypto currency. It is facilitated by reducing several cost and frictions that occurs while exchanging digital currencies. the question then is, how is this exchange cope with low charges from exchanging crypto currencies ? Doesn't it reveal to us some sort of loss in their aspect of getting revenues for the maintenance of the exchange? the good news is that, the difference between digitex exchange and other exchange is relied on the fact that it has its native token that is built on etherum block chain which is called the DGTX tokens. This token is used has a native currency which would serve as a tool to transact on the exchange. DGTX tokens provides revenue instead of placing the transaction fees or burden on users. This displays an efficient method of generating revenue for the exchange. Has the demand of this token increases, this would increase their revenue.

Various Benefits Attained Using Digitexfuture Exchange

1] Transactions are locked under a smart contract: this is one significant and sensitive characteristics of this exchange. Funds for exchange are locked under the ethereum based smart contract which signifies that the exchange has no possession of any user funds for transactions or even having access to their private keys of various accounts.
2]Commission-Free Futures Transactions: instead of charging fees for transaction incurred by users, Digitexfuture created a DGTX token that is built on etherum blockchain which enables costs to be settled by these tokens. Also, in 2021, Digitexfuture is on the goal to create new DGTX token that will cover cost associating with the operations that is being run in the exchange.
3]Its Decentralized Nature: the DGTX exchange uses block chain to avoid fees incurred during transactions which is for the benefits of the users.
4]Full Privacy: the digitexfuture exchange doesn't require you to submit names or any form of identification. Its only form of tool is the DGTX tokens which is the best way for their users not to be traced for unsafely reasons.

Buying and Selling Digitexfuture exchange Tokens

Buying and selling digitex token is easy, frictionless and no charges incurred in exchanging various crypto currencies into DGTX TOKENs which can be held onto for a long term by users.

In summary, this exchange is unique in the aspect of minting their very own currencies to substitute the charges placed on transactions. Traders on this exchange can engage in liquid or commission free entities where they don't have to trust the exchange with their funds. This eliminates the traditional aspect of exchanging currencies where a centralized intermediary is needed to have full control of funds. Digitexfuture exchange is highly fast, trustless, stable and commission free.

To know more about Digitexfutures exchange

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Digitex White Paper

Its @maduprecious and these are reasons you should try it out.

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