Fun with menu mistakes in Da Nang

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Languages are very difficult and I admire anyone that can speak more than 1 of them. Some would say that I barely have my mother tongue mastered so I am not going to pick on people too much who try and don't quite get it right in another language.

I also feel like transitioning from a wester or Germanic language i think they are called, to an Asian language is extremely tough. One uses the hell out of tones and the other doesn't have any at all. One conjugates all verbs and the other seems to never do that (thank god). In the end I'm not picking on anyone for making these mistakes but I am still allowed to laugh, right?


This was a strange one because this place is not a bar and doesn't even have very much beer on offer, they only had one brand and I don't like it so I can't really see many people ordering this. Plus I am a little concerned about what fried egg fishes could possibly be.


Those vegetariants make things more difficult for all of us. I don't know which of these I find more amusing but the "shaking beef" is also perplexing. I certainly hope it isn't actually what it says.

The thing that gets me about places like this is that when I typed those words just in this editor it has them underlines because of ambiguity or bad spelling. When they were making this menu did they not run it through a spell-checker?

I went to this place, which is called "Mo's" because I kind of felt bad for them since the place is always empty and I've been told that the two girls that run it are very friendly. It was also really cheap.


I wouldn't say the food that I got was anything terribly amazing but it was really cheap and it was food. I'm not real fussy when it comes to pasta so it did just fine in my book. Was it as good as the Italian places nearby that are run by Italians? Well, of course not. But the portion size was good and it was about half the price of the Italian places. I'll definitely be back and not just for the funny menu that is difficult to figure out.

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