Dino Diploma: CONTEST Winners and Rules for Submission!

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Dino Diploma: CONTEST Winners and Rules for Submission!

We are a community working to build our community through community funded contests, events, and challenges.

RAWR, Steemians!


62.5 Whaleshares go to @mrsomebody - Dino Diploma Weekly Contest Entry
62.5 Whaleshares go to @storybird - Recycled Treasures: Transforming Wine Bottles into Candles (Pt. 1) with @storybird

Congratulations to the winners of Week I of #DinoDiploma! We have also given 1 SBD to @etemi for being a trailer! Thank you. We look forward for this week of submissions.

What is Dino Diploma?

As a young dinosaur, Prosperous Rex (@prosperousrex) could never make it into his classroom due to his sheer gigantic size. Luckily, while browsing the interwebs, @prosperousrex discovered Steemit. Prosperous Rex believes in the value of education. Help him get his diploma. Dino Diploma is a weekly contest involving research, arts, education, and discussion.

Dino Diploma contest will help @prosperousrex discover the beauty and workings of the world today.


We're giving away 125 Whaleshares this week by Monday of next week. This will be split amongst the winners evenly!

This week's theme is Creativity and Inspiration.

This can be science related, arts-related, entertainment related, video game related, etc. as long as it relates to the theme.


  • Content must be focused on the topic in the Theme section above!

  • Content must be original. You can borrow ideas from others, but make sure your discussion is an original idea or an opinion founded on facts you have found.

  • Content must have some form of visual communication.

  • Please cite the link of your sources and your photos.

  • Follow @prosperousrex and Resteem this post!

  • Only 1 submission per user per week!

  • Include the tag #dinodiploma as one of your five tags.

  • When you're done, post a link to your submission in the comments below with a short description of what it's about.

Plagiarism leads to automatic disqualification.

We will be making decisions for winners on Sunday of next week, and will be posting results the following Monday with the next contest post!

Official Sponsorship

I would like to thank @krazykrista at the Whaleshares community for making this happen!

There's some exciting news in Curate and Prosper community today! We have received official sponsorship support for our weekly contests with Whaleshares starting up on Monday.

dinosaur banner whaleshares.jpg

Please join the Whaleshares Discord to find out more!

Join our Curation Trail!

This is how we grow and are able to offer more in return. This is a community where we are building our foundation and curation with each individual that joins. The more people in the group (and in the curation trail), the more support we will be able to give in the long run.

How to Join the Curation Trail

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU JOIN OUR CURATION TRAIL, WE WILL BE OFFERING 1 SBD PRIZE THIS WEEK FOR ANY ONE OF OUR TRAILERS RANDOMLY! Congratulations to @imamalkimas for being this weeks winner. Check your wallet!

Good luck in your submissions, Steemians!

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Here is my entry for the Creativity and Inspiration contest. It is an image of two jazz musicians improvising. Creativity for the musicians and inspiration for the audience. @prosperousrex

jazz in the city.jpg