Did Ya Buy the Dip? - 1184


I got in at a pretty good price. I'm gonna be bummed if Bitcoin doesn't rebound in like a week. lol

I think there was some news about crypto regulation. I wonder if it was even real news? I'd guess fake so the banks could make some extra money on some shorts and buy more bitcoin.


Monday 4-19-21


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Yeah, bean dip, that way if the price deflates to much I thought I could try gassing it back up...lol....you just had to ask....lol.

I have never bought bitcoin.


Aren't you big into cryptos?


I was attempting to be big into cryptos but I never pulled the trigger. I was never looking to purchase Bitcoin though. I was going to go deep with XRP but ended up selling with the intent of rebuying back in but I never got around to it.

Most my crypto investment is in Splinterlands.