Summary Of Surpassinggoogle Voice Show On Steemgigs Discord

3년 전

DIG (dirt is good). Dirt is not good can stop you from digging. Dig times dig times dig times = Diggist


It is always fun listening to @surpassinggoogle speak about @ulogs.

The talk show was graced by individuals across the country.

@mermaidvampire got me teary when she was given the opportunity to speak about her view on #ulogs.

From her story I learnt we all ought to be grateful for every second we are alive, I poured my heart out to God to elongate your life on earth when I went to Church this evening for a program.

Your daughter needs you, Uloggers out there needs you to stay and I love you.

A big shout out to @emekasegun, @creyestexsa, and @atongis who won the 5sp giveaway on the talkshow today.

The show was amazing but network was really disturbing seems like @maverickinvictus network was the strongest today, sadly @sunnylife couldn't hear anything due to the poor network as well.

But in all we give thanks to God for a successful show..

@jamesmovic @dhavey @cherylsonty I just made my post

Here is a shout out to everyone who made it on the server to listen to @surpassinggoogle

Much love #uloggers

Kisses everyone


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This is nice sadly I missed it and your post makes me sad that I missed it I would have loved to hear @mermaidvampire and @surpassinggoogle speak

Anyways it's I like the summary keep shinning 😘😘😘😘


@mermaidvampire sounds just like a teen girl
Happy mothers day to her and other mothers on the blockchain....
But how could you have miss out on this show I tried my best to inform most people on whatsapp even through my status, here on whatsapp and resteemed @surpassinggoogle post that had the full content.
Your gonna join us on the next show would ensure you make it on time.


Yeah I will Bae, I was sleeping because of rain so I didn't get the info.

I feel so sad

Glad you made it girl.
Something wrong with my pc or settings:(
I dunno:( :( too bad but that's ok as long as you guys had a great time
Thanks for your love and support.
Terry is a Whale with a big HEART.
He loves you guys xoxo


No doubt @surpassinggoogle is on the lip of almost all minnows.
I pray God grants all his heart desires💯
And I just hope the voice show was recorded somehow so you could listen to at least part of Sir Terrys voice.

Hahah yeah unfortunately it seemed that I had the strongest net connection.

And I was writing + watching a movie while listening and moderating.


Your one bad ass multitasker with a nice voice
Thanks for been there for us during the talk show.
Much love dearie

can't believe i missed this... thanks for this update tho


Always keep tabs on @surpassinggoogles post on steemit that is how I get my own information dear.
So please promise me that you would do the same😉💯


yea, thanks.. happy sunday

You skipped me in the mentions, now i want to cry.


Please don't cry😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥