disaster struck

3개월 전

Last week I attempted to provide a daily share of Bitcoin Ben's daily videos. Unfortunately later that evening my computer hard drive failed. The next few day were spent trying to diagnose and recover the data, which did not work. I was lucky enough that I had a hard copy of the passwords needed to get back on Steem. Unfortunately all data on the drive was lost and the placement cost was $200(parts,software, and labor), which I did not have to spend. Today I am getting back to posting! yay! please do not feel that you are required, but it would be very much appreciated if a contribution could be made to help cover some of the cost to repair the computer. I am able to accept litecoin or steem for any contribution. thank you for any help!
LTC wallet QR below
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Ouch that is a bummer! i was wondering why you were not posting. i will see what i can do.

upvoted resteemed and commented and will try to help


thank you i got your contribution and thank you very much!


you are welcome glad to help you! It is great seeing you posting on a regular pace again