For just $200 You can get your steem-engine token listed on discordtip bot and have your token seen and be accessible to over 10 THOUSAND discord servers


If you want a great way to promote yoru new SCOt token and tribe, check out @discordtip and its multi feature tip bot

The @discordtip bot is an amazing tip bot that is like @banjo but in some ways more advanced such as it has main net BTC and LTC ETH and most Major altcoins, and I feel it is worth it to pay $200 to get your steem-engine token listed especially if your a scot token, as this bot is in 100,000+ discord servers and has many many thousands of dollars flowing through it, even on @steemspeak we have had power users like @fyrstikken and other whales and dolphins on steem and other tokens basically donate or tip users up to ten thousand dollars or more (depending on price of BTC and altcoins) JUST in the room! And you can withdraw steem with memos to exchanges with this bot and COULD facilitate p2p swaps in discord itself.


You can check out the discordtip discord here and talk to @unko number 3680


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How carpets are made

Industrial weaving machine for carpets.

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Man, that's crazy. And you're crazy too.

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