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What does the name actually contain? A lot of things By this name we identify the identity of all. Many times the name of the world is familiar with the name. Several reputable organizations in the world were initially named after a different name. Now the names of people who know them, if they hear the previous name, maybe they can nag sitkachane.

Let's know the old name of some famous institutions -

  1. Beerbob

Google is now the world's number one search engine company Google. That Google once used to work on Internet back links. So the name of the company was given backrobe. The link that comes from another website is called back link. Backlinks to a website SEO or search engine optimization is very important. At the beginning Google was working on this. But the name of the backrab did not last long. In less than a year, the company has changed its name to Google. On September 15, 1997, this name was adopted as a trademark.

2 . Jerry and Davids Guide to the World Wide Web
The current name of this company is Yahoo. When the old name was there, the company worked as a list of other websites. Jerry Young and David Filho, two students of Stanford University founded the company. On 2 March 1995, Jerry and Davids' Guide to the World Wide Web was changed to Yahoo. Before the expansion of Google's kingdom it was the world's number one search engine. Now, the company's market is in decline. Because of continued losses, two co-founders Jerry and David Yahoo sold them. It has bought Verizon Communications.

3 . Brads Drink
The end of the nineteenth century. Caleb Davis Bradham, the drug specialist in the United States of America, discovered that a new blend of sodium fluid This new beverage is made with sugar, water, caramel, lemon juice, nutmeg and more. The detector first gave its name to Brads Drink It quickly became popular. In 1898, Bradham's new name was Pepsi-Cola. Bradham thought that the drink made from him is very beneficial for health and helps prevent indigestion.

4 . Blue Ribbon Sports
This company is now known as Nike. It's now famous for making shoes for sports. When the company was first established in Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, but it did not make shoes. Rather, they worked as a distributor of Japanese companies. Blue Ribbon Sports started making shoes themselves in 1971. At that time the company's name was changed. Founder Phil Knight and Bill Bawerman named the new name Nike. Nike is the goddess of triumph in ancient Greece. Blue Ribbon Sports started to be known by that name.

5 . Amazon software
Trip Hawkins, former director of Apple's company's strategy and marketing division In 1982, he founded Computer Games maker Amazon Software. But with the formation of time, this name was no longer preferred by Hawkins. EA Games, the new name of the company, is clearly meant to name the game by name. Now the name of this company has become known worldwide.

6 . Stag party
Hugh Hefner founded a magazine for men in 1953. Then it is named after the stag party. In the 1930s, a cartoon book named Stagg At Eve was published. Inspired by that, Hefner preferred the name of the magazine. But the men's name was another magazine named Stag. Finally, the name changed to Hefner. Who knew that men in the same name would leave other magazines behind it! The name of the playboy is changed.

7 . Piesz Limited
Dell is the famous computer manufacturer and technology company. The first name was Piesies Limited. In 1984 it was founded by Michael Dell. But he did not like this name for a long time. At the end of that year, instead of Piesies Limited, Michael Dell selected the last name of his own.

8 . Relantless
If you type relentless dot short in the computer's browser, then you can quickly see Amazon dot coming down. This relentless is the name of Amazon. Although founder Jeff Bezos liked this name, his colleagues had a name for the characters. Then the name was changed to Abracadabara. But the last time Amazon voted more. Because Amazon is the largest river in the world (from the amount of water). So if the name of the Amazon would show the huge diameter of the company's work - this was logic.

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