Game of thrones S07E04 was Fire!!!

3년 전

Arya finally reached winterfell after 6 season finally. It was a very happy moment for me after all they been through.
their were several good moments in the episode i avoided the spoilers as much as i could after the episode was leaked 3 days before its original air date and if you ask me it was pretty hard to resist watching the episode for so long knowing it was out there.

Awww man the stark reunion had me all teary eyed i swear to the old gods and the new. I was jon was there to complete the picture as we rarely see any happy moments on the show.a lot of interesting things happened in this episode among other things.Like dany's dragon slaying the lannister army completely foiling cersei's attempt to repay the iron bank.

It was the best episode of the season and also one of the very best from the show itself in my opinion and we are halfway through the season and things are certainly becoming more intriguing as the end draws near.

The preview for the next episode hooked me up and left me asking for more.
Can't wait till next Monday. If you do not watch game of thrones do watch It. believe me you won't be disappointed
Follow me for more.
See you all soon :0

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I never watch the previews because it's far more fun to watch it without knowing what's about to happen (for a few scenes).

This episode ending was EPIC!


Although the plot summary of each episode was leaked last year! So their is hardly anything left for imagination for people like me who just can't resist clicking on anything GOT related.
The coming episodes will each be 1 hour long so it will be very awesome to watch nonetheless and yeah it was a great episode :)


i need those extra 3 episodes back! --- this has been a great season so far; the end is certainly getting interesting; like you I also avoided the 'leaks' as much as possible; although it's difficult; saw a "Bran spooks Littlefinger" video title; which told me Bran was gonna do 'something spooky' ... that was a great Pay off!! Loved the Stark Reunions; esp Arya and Sansa since they were always at odds ......... man! what an episode; Drogon and the Dothraki on the Open field??? what? ... Epic as @thetimminator expressed --------

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Last night's show was absolutely INCREDIBLE --- glad you got that 'still photo' of Jamie getting 'saved'? .... now I think it was Dickon and not Bronn who saved him ........... do you think Jamie is dead??? I'd have to say it was their best 'so far' in so many ways. One of their best battle scenes, and that says a lot (as there have been some great battles) ---- I'm following you and look forward to your next review, next week :) ::: (feel free to check out some of my got steems if you want) -


It was a great episode indeed. I think it was Bronn who saved jaime as a few scenes back Bronn was looking at a horse and someone jumped from his horse towards jaime's to save him. Thanks for the nice comments:)
And yeah it was one of the favorite moments from this season and it certainly is going to get more epic :) :)