My review of Game of thrones S07E05!!

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A little bit late with my review but luckily in time Before the next episode arrives.It has been a great episode as usual and had some great moments and in my opinion it has been the best season so far on the show and we have still two episode to go.
First off i am really glad that jamie is alive and well but i still don't get how Bronn managed to pull him up with all that heavy battle gear on him.I laughed when Bronn said that you will not die so easily as you still owe me a castle.This was a funny beginning to the episode.

Tyrion was devastated by the madness danaerys potrayed in the battle against his own family army. I was a bit sad too though for tyrion as he is in a difficult place at thhe moment.

Dany burning the Tarly's was fucked up and uncalled for.Is she on the path to become the Mad Queen coz i certainly think so. after burning shit to the ground she returns to dragonstone. Dany tries to intimidate Jon with Drogon But drogon bends down to Jon and acknowledges him instead.

Jorah returned finally after getting cured from grayscale thanks to sam whose father and brother got roasted alive all thanks to danaerys. There were many great moments in the episode like jaime meeting with tyrion after all this time.I liked them both from the start lannisters are great except for cersei who is a total bitch as far as i am concerned.

Seeing gendry was good to and him meeting jon was a great moment as both ned and robert were great friends too so thats a great parallel moment.

The greatest moment in the episode was when gilly unknowingly uncovered the truth about the parentage of jon's parents and the fact that he is not a bastard but infact is legitimized.Although we knew it already but the moment was still enjoyable.

Littlefinger being a snitch and trying to pit arya against sansa was lame and i hope that he dies soon as he is just a side character in the wars to come and he is not required on the show anymore i think.

Lastly the A team is heading beyond the wall to capture a wight to present it to cersei and convince her about the greater threat to the 7 kingdoms. I know the next episode has been leaked a few days ago and i know its gonna be good knowing that it is the penultimate episode which is always the best every season i am very pumped and can hardly wait till monday.
The next review will come fast stay tuned for more

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