DIW --- Digital Identification Wallet

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If you are interesting in the new airdrop of the ICO's you''ll don't wanna miss this opportunity. Go to the link DIW and by joining Telegram and resigtering on their website. Just follow those easy step and you can be able to receive token for free. Here are some reasons that you may want to know about the DIW .

First is the application
The DIW Token is security storage where you can keep everything you want to remain safe. They could be documents, financial statements, bank account, and other essential pieces of information. The information would be stored in top secure platform of DIW Token. The password will be required at the very beginning. You will then receive instruction and advice on how you should set your password for this secure storage to work at its most effective standard. There is no way your information will be leaked.

Second, DIW Global Directory
We can see different businesses or individuals organizations that might accept cryptocurrency so it allows you to easily navigate and find those that accept crypto. This feature will also allow you to calculate so you can estimate and plan ahead for a more effective financial management.

The Electronic Health Records
This is a unique feature on DIW Token because it is not available on other platforms. It’s the Electronic Health Records (EHR). It would help the user record their health check daily to see the changes about health in order to improve their health. You can record anything from documents to monthly emails from your doctor and manage them into categories.


Leading online digital currency news portal BTCurrencies.com has recommended the state of the art DIW Token ICO as the most promising ICO for this year. DIW promises most secured storage of sensitive data with its advanced highly encrypted blockchain- based decentralized network and currency.During its token sale, DIW is deploying different phases, during which the price of its token will increase. After every 100 million DIW tokens sold, the price increases incrementally. The starting price of one DIW token will be 0.000095 ETH and the company aims to raise $28 million. The use of funds are broken down as follows: 60% development of the platform, 15 % marketing, 5% administrative expenses, 10 % operational expenses, five % legal costs, and five % for the redundancy fund.

The main function the DIW token is that it will be the primary currency used on the DIW platform. As the numbers are showing you can tell DIW is one the most promising ICO in 2018.The DIW platform is soon to host its ICO in the first quarter of this year. 1 ETH is equal to 11764 DIW token. The number are growing up base on the member of our community are increased everyday, the project’s Telegram channel has over 23,000 members - most likely boosted by the project’s AirDrop to its Telegram users - and the ICO has a strong presence in all other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and the BitcoinTalk forum.

To find out more about the DIW Token ICO, sign up and if you would like to find more projects for potential investment. I'm promising you this is the chance you'd love to take

More information, check here :

Website : https://diwtoken.com/
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2567416
Telegram: https://t.me/diwtoken

My bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910471
My Etherwallet : 0x844f52DCcF7568Af657888287Ea3970e61225cb4

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