ART CURATION: 05 April 2020 - 12 April 2020

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- art: drawing/painting -

@the01crowCatzi - Sailor Moon@hafizullah
@devyleonaWatching birds- easy draw & colour how to@hafizullah

- art: photography -

@tussar11My friends having fun in the middle of the frame.@hafizullah
@fmbs25A Witch in my Garden: Brown Long Stick Insect - Jalysus Sobrinus // Una Bruja en mi Jardín: Insecto de Zanco Largo Pardo - Jalysus Sobrinus [EN[[ES]@hafizullah
@barskiGood bees - photo stream@hafizullah
@apnigrichEcology. Why do trees get sick?@hafizullah
@tussar11Mountains with Snow.@hafizullah
@ninahaskinAnd the World Came Together@hafizullah
@acesontopI Can Hear My Steps Walking@hafizullah
@anggreklestariThe Same Life, We Make the Difference, A Philosophy of Life@hafizullah
@txatxyThe path of the elephants@hafizullah

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