ART CURATION: 11 March 2020 - 18 March 2020

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MondayNature / Health
SundayDo It Yourself

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- art: architecture -

@fotosdenadaLooking for Church (Original Photography)@rehan12

- art: tutorial -

@joythewandererUNBOXING | Sony rx0 ii tiny vlogging cam@rehan12

- art: digital art -

@hadley4Meteorites? better a super spaceship against lizards | Digital Art@priyanarc
@elias15gScorpio zodiac sign anime version@priyanarc
@masummim50Trying to push through || Painted a new portrait after a long time@hafizullah
@richjrLife Is Strange / Fan Art #4@hafizullah
@h-hamiltonThe Fox , digitalart@rehan12
@mballesterosMy Frist Attempt At Digital Drawing@rehan12
@francescomai"Alien deadly cancer parasite"2011.@rehan12

- art: drawing/painting -

@firefly2020Lion In A Field (Ink Drawing)@rehan12
@cryplectibles[VZA] Jim Lee drawing Darth Vader@rehan12
@adelepazanicharcoal drawing@hafizullah
@firefly2020Arctic Fox (Ink Drawing)@rehan12
@inu-jimHow to Make Dragons Guide@priyanarc
@iansartSharing With You a Recent Charcoal Drawing @hafizullah
@firefly2020Chipmunk (Ink Drawing)@rehan12
@firefly2020"Ko Sai" From Star Wars (Ink Drawing)@tibfox

- art: photography -

@shuvo35village forest flower@hafizullah
@yousafharoonkhanA bouquet of flowers is a message of love.@hafizullah
@sultan-acehunique and small orange insect@hafizullah
@alamin33Cold cough that fruit throughout@hafizullah
@dswigleTouching a Tree on Tuesday@hafizullah
@sultan-acehLeaf Snail@hafizullah
@bambukaOn foot in the spring@rehan12
@tussar11Beautiful photograph of nature with lake.@hafizullah
@sultan-acehdew drops@hafizullah
@trincowski"The Parrot" of Afife (Portugal)@hafizullah
@paradigm42Macro Photography And A Few Random Thoughts..@hafizullah
@yousafharoonkhanThe beauty of the earth is reflected in the flowers@hafizullah
@borjanBeautiful Sunday - ALONG THE COASTLINE ... LAST SUMMER ...@rehan12
@kashifimranBeauty Of the spring@hafizullah
@tussar11Behind The Photo contest - Edition #8 "Mountains".@hafizullah
@sol25Flor Silvestre - [En] Wild Flower | Color Selective Edition@hafizullah
@bambukaBaikal. Part 10.And there was evening and there was morning (23 photo)@hafizullah
@fmbs25A Witch in my Garden: A Bug with Smoking (Hypselonotus Interruptus) // Una Bruja en mi Jardín: Un Bicho con Smoking (Hypselonotus Interruptus) // [EN][ES]@hafizullah
@photovisionsMagical Lofoten - Evening time last day...@rehan12
@solominerMason Bees visiting flowers - Macro Photography@priyanarc
@miroslavrcSecond most unuseful insect@priyanarc
@sultan-acehtriangle leaf beetle@hafizullah
@osproPictures of old things and nature were taken very closely@hafizullah
@dulce160Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 11//Esculturas verdes//Green sculptures.@hafizullah
@violetmedCalm Your Mind _ Please!@hafizullah
@alcibiadesFortress and dark clouds@rehan12
@offgridlifeGrow your own food. Plant Apple Trees. The Bees love them. (Video)@hafizullah
@miroslavrc"Privacy please"@hafizullah
@sultan-acehforest grasshopper@hafizullah
@pablo1601Distracting the mind, while we wait for your arrival - Distrayendo la mente, mientras esperamos tu llegada@hafizullah
@rehan12Spring is here....@hafizullah
@steemer-sayu907Who wins ? SCIENCE vs NATURE | MY OPINION@hafizullah
@tussar11Water Drops on The petal of the flower.@hafizullah
@barbara-orenyaTree shadow on the cathedral@rehan12
@m-yasirRandom photography of beautiful flowers@hafizullah
@sultan-acehlong leg leaf insects@hafizullah
@unlonely-soulAquilegia Flowers@hafizullah
@madushankaRejoice in the beautiful life you've had. Stay active.@hafizullah
@burn-it-downMy Smartphone Flower Photography@hafizullah

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