ART CURATION: 12 April 2020 - 19 April 2020

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SundayDo It Yourself

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- art: drawing/painting -

@firefly2020Young Calf In A Field (Ink Drawing@hafizullah
@marya77painting art With classic ☕coffee / portrait happy girl@priyanarc
@maxwellmarcusartTrying Something New - Bondage@hafizullah
@maxwellmarcusartLittle monkey - Animal Series (040)@hafizullah

- art: make-up -

@firayumniLip Cream Recomendation, Giorgio Armani, For Natural Look@priyanarc
@mvdASMR Evening Natural Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin - On You&Me@priyanarc

- art: photography -

@gertuLas flores son un regalo. / Flowers are a gift.@hafizullah
@hanginThailand Cherry Blossom Trees !!@hafizullah
@jaki01Raiders of the night. / Jäger der Nacht.@hafizullah
@miroslavrcDifferent light sources@hafizullah
@lyubovbarTime to dream@hafizullah
@tussar11Photographs of beach during Golden Hour.@hafizullah
@davidadBug Caught enjoying the sweetness of the flower@hafizullah
@tussar11Sunlight makes the mountain shine.@hafizullah
@unlonely-soulRed Tulips@hafizullah
@riverflowsDandelions and World Views: Improving My Perspective@rehan12
@tussar11Photographs at Bird Sanctuary.@hafizullah
@lyubovbarMystery forest@hafizullah
@rehan12No worries of Monday's....@hafizullah

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