ART CURATION: 29 March 2020 - 05 April 2020

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SundayDo It Yourself

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- art: tutorial -

@michaelbrigHow to sample colours from anywhere with Photoshop@hafizullah

- art: digital art -

@masummim50Digital and Traditional drawing of Beautiful eyes@rehan12
@lightflameDigital Sprinkle - Digital Art@tibfox
@abrahmatanHow to improve your artwork. TIP#1 (Daily Sketches)@hafizullah
@alejandra.herIt's RAINING FLOWERS inside the house. Illustration by Alejandra Her@hafizullah
@genywayLittle Witch - Original Art@hafizullah

- art: drawing/painting -

@gloriaolarNew sketch: Contagion @hafizullah
@hiddenblade Portrait Study | Charcoal Drawing @hafizullah
@prostosunMy daily art. Blooming branches of spring@priyanarc
@davexandpenCharcoal drawing Tiger@rehan12
@maxwellmarcusartDrawing A Portrait [167]@hafizullah
@welisHow I spending my time at home@hafizullah
@gaborockstarDtube Draw - Como dibujar el logo de la comunidad GEMS ( Vlog ) tutorial by @gaborockstar@tibfox
@adelepazanicannabis bubbles drawing rapid on paper@tibfox
@jacinta.sevillaReindeer Watercolor Painting🦌🦌🦌🦌@tibfox
@firefly2020Eagle In Flight (Ink Drawing)@hafizullah
@sweettais"Yellow narcissus"@hafizullah
@maxwellmarcusartDrawing A Portrait (166)@hafizullah
@prostosunMy daily art. One more for my quarantine collection@hafizullah
@colorcareerWater special element + Step by Step (original)@hafizullah
@firefly2020Mother Ape And Child (Ink Drawing)@hafizullah
@sweettais"Girl in love"@hafizullah
@jesusmeditPatience in the desert- Step by Step + Gif Animation@hafizullah
@abdex9Angry Rat 🐀. 100% ink @hafizullah
@firefly2020Lion And It's Cub (Ink Drawing)@hafizullah

- art: photography -

@eii📷 MyNegativePhotography - 04.04.2020@tibfox
@tussar11Fire in the Sky.@hafizullah
@kadokaPolyphemus Moth Photos -- Antheraea Polyphemus (male)@hafizullah
@mitiPolignano (Italy): the birthplace of Domenico Modugno.@rehan12
@madushankaAnother beautiful gift of nature is the ornamental plants used for gardening.@hafizullah
@uwelangSun Thursday - Photography to unite blockchain communities! @hafizullah
@markkujantunenResidential Building Architecture@hafizullah
@fotogruppemunichFahrradtour ( 15 pictures ) [DEU/ENG]@hafizullah
@madushankaA variety of foliage, a beautiful creation of nature...@hafizullah
@lightcapturedBirds of winter Greece (7 photos)@rehan12
@nestorluisTemplo de Sudamericana@hafizullah
@boddhisattvaCherry blossom@tibfox
@d-pendBuilding some kind of engine@tibfox
@boddhisattvaMONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Bee on the wilflower@tibfox
@anonsteveEarly Evening Walk In A Cold Snap@hafizullah
@intrepidphotosMirador Las Torres@tibfox
@tomhallA bit snow from last night👌@tibfox
@sergiomendesTo give You a break from all the food porn!@tibfox
@simaroyPhotography on excellent rural faces in India@hafizullah
@priyanarcA Rustic Mind- Observation of an abandoned Space@hafizullah
@zpznFlower Photography 🌸🍃 ...@hafizullah
@lightcapturedRecollections from beautiful Italy, 9 photos@hafizullah
@tussar11Photographs of Beautiful Mountains with layers.@hafizullah
@tattoodjayTree Tuesday smaller details@hafizullah
@yousafharoonkhanA straw-filled truck passing through unpaved streets@hafizullah
@barskiTrees, these are ... cats?@hafizullah
@hiddenbladeStand Still@hafizullah
@tussar11Greenery with mountains all around (8 Photographs).@hafizullah
@secretman02Natural Beauty || A Beautiful Wild Flower beside River@hafizullah
@crisangelHidden ... Observing with the Soul@hafizullah
@sultan-acehthe beauty of star flowers@hafizullah

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