Woodworking: Making a Beech Wood Pipe

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Making a Beech Wood Pipe

Wood pipes for smoking tobacco and other herbs have been used for a long time. A couple friends stopped by for a visit the other day and each of them had a wood pipe carved out of birch wood - I was inspired to make one of my own. The classic store bought wood tobacco pipes are made with briar root - a very hardwood that does not ignite easily. Other hardwoods can be used for pipe making as well.

While briar root pipes are by far the most common wooden pipes, a wide range of other woods have been used. Times in which briar is scarce or completely unavailable (war, economic depression, etc.) have prompted curious carvers to explore the properties of alternative and more abundant materials. While softer, less porous or more susceptible to burning than briar, a temporary solution is often better than not smoking at all.

Source: Alternative Woods Used For Pipe making

Alternative Hardwood for Pipe Making

Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, Oak, Olive, Rosewood, Manzanita, Mesquite-wood, Beech, Hickory, Mountain Laurel, Mahogany, Ebony, Jujube, Buxuse, Jichi-mu, and Wenge are all suitable hardwood for pipe making - hard times or not :)

Beech Hardwood Selected

I have two cords of hardwood for the winter incuding Maple, Beech, Oak, and more. Beech hardwood bark with it's grey smoothness was easiest for this amateur to positively identify.

Cutting the Beech Wood Down to Size

A Maul ax, and then machete with baton are used to cut the wood down to a smaller size - close to the desired width of the pipe.

The sawzall quickly cut the beech wood to desired pipe length.

Pocket Knife Carving

With a pocket knife the rough edges are carved out of the wood. I made sure the bottom was flat enough so the pipe sits firmly, and does not rock back and forth when placed on a flat surface. The top of the pipe was also carved to be flat and symmetrical - along with the sides.

Drilling the Bowl Hole

For the pipe bowl hole drilling I went with a 7/8" drill bit. You can see that I used the sawzall to shorten the pipe a little more. The drill bits I have wouldn't have been long enough to drill through the entire length of the pipe - even drilling from both ends.

Slow and steady, I was careful not to drill through the bottom of the pipe.

Drilling the Pipe Hole

You can see the pipe being drilled from each end so the hole runs the entire length of the pipe. The hole on the bowl end of the pipe will be covered with a finger when holding the pipe.

Sawdust Blow Out

A quick sawdust blow out of the pipe before finishing up the bowl. A drill bit usually used for sinking screws flush with wood is used to smooth out the bowl and give it more of a 'bowl' shape.

Bowl Touch Up with the Drill

Below you can see the final drill bit touch up to the pipe bowl.

I may carve more details into the wood when I have some down time for whittling, but for now this completed wood pipe is functional and ready for usage.

Have a great day!

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Light it up :) Curious to see how the air flow is and how the wood handles the heat.


The firewood was nice and dry, so I'm not too worried about the wood splitting - be sure to not use green wood for pipe making, it will split as it drys :)

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Oh wow! A wood smoking pipe !! Very cool post, @jackdub <3 Love the process pics and I'd like to see it used, for sure <3


Thanks - I had lots of fun making it, it's been handy quite often ever since :)

Nice tutorial.
I have one of those battery sawsalls, same one that you have. I really like it, I use it for a lot of stuff. The battery that you have on it is the standard 2 amp hour battery, you can also get a 4 amp hour battery for it. We bought a weed wacker of the same brand, and it came with the big battery. Of course, you can buy just the big battery on ebay. You use the same charger for both sizes of battery.


Thanks - oh yeah, I get good use out of the black & decker 20 volt battery system :) i have 2 of those 4 amp batteries, 4 of the 2.5 amp, and 1 of the 1.5 amp batteries - the fast charger too that charges up the 4 amp in an hour or so. Perfect for charging them all up during the day when the sun's blazing on the solar panels. I have 3 of the 20 volt work lights, have them all turned on - on the patio at night, or in the cabin when we turn off the main lights. Lots of the tools too .. sawzall, drills, circular saw, chain saw, weed wacker, air pump compressor for car and bike tires, and matrix drill with the sander, router, jigsaw, osillator, and impact drill attachments - ready to build :D I have entertained the idea of getting the 20 volt leaf blower just for jump starting the campfire


You are well equipped for any task at hand with those tools!
How well does the chainsaw work?


All kinds of medicinal and therapeutic herbs can be smoked - only the finest kind for the beech wood pipe :D

I like that! Thank you for showing the process (and the use). Maybe someone needs an idea for a christmas-present... resteem!

My first pipe was wood and I made it in shop class in 8th grade. Our shop teacher instructed as far as what was the proper wood to use.


Lol nice, now that's a shop teacher that knows the wood strains :)

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