DIY sanitizer


There is a Sanitizer shortage

Though soap and hot water is best sometimes you need a hand sanitizer cause there is no running water. So what do you do when you can't find any? If you are like me you make your own. It is easy to make. This recipe makes almost 9 ounces of sanitizer. All you need is two ingredients and a third optional ingredient if you want it to smell good.

Items needed

  • Isopropyl alcohol 91% or higher is ideal but 50% or higher works in a pinch. note if you can not find Isopropyl alcohol you can use Everclear other alcohols are not strong enough to work but everclear will in a pinch
  • aloe - you can find this is most suncare aisles
  • optional essential oils to make it smell good.

Mix your ingredients well

Take 2/3 cups of Isopropyl alcohol
1/3 cups of aloe and if you are adding oils into a mixing bowl. Mix well, the alcohol is thinner than the aloe mix till it is the same consistency. Then put them into bottles. I couldn't find any pumps but found these 3 ounce travel bottles and they work great. I also couldn't find any clear aloe so green it is. I also made two batches up for my nieces wedding. I didn't have enough containers so I am using a squeeze bottle that is technically for candy but it is too small in my opinion for that but perfect for my excess.


Very simple and easy to make

So if you like me find you need some and can't find any, do what I did and make your own. This is why I prep though cause had I not had the alcohol on hand I wouldn't have been able to make this as everyone is sold out of it too and resellers are now price gouging. So check your medicine cabinet you likely have some already in there. I made these for my sister-in-law for my niece's wedding Saturday.


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Part of me wonders too about the people that keep nothing on hand. Like I understand poverty if that's the reason - I'm poor and sometimes run out of things and can't restock for a while - but the people who are able to panic doomsday shop and fill shopping carts of tp obviously have the money. These folks never keep soap and a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand? How quickly do they run out? Even when I was working as a cashier so I kept hand sanitizer and wet wipes in my apron and used them every day at work, I didn't go through it that fast. Even if the unprepared types all went out and bought a bottle of Purell - because let's be honest, one bottle will last a WHILE for individuals - the fact that it's out just everywhere - and now I'm hearing rubbing alcohol is too - is just absurd. People are really buying so much that they'll have a stock of Purell until they die at this rate.
Edited for clarity: I'm glad you are sharing this info, I'm just sayin' it's crazy that there has been such a run on supplies!


I know right it is crazy, had I know this was gonna happen I would have bought up a bunch of stuff to give away to those in need that don't have the resources.


Right? Like I'm still trying to get my first aid kit together (almost done though, woohoo!) or I would too.
I'm really worried about the homeless population. Nobody is helping them as far as I can tell. They're super vulnerable to illness as it is thanks to poor living conditions, they don't have adequate cleaning facilities, and now even groups who normally help them, I'm seeing cancel regular handouts due to fears of corona, so they're going to have even less food and supplies available to them. :( And they can't quarantine at home if they don't have a home!


That does suck I need to find some more Aloe but once I do, I will make up some more and pass them out to our homeless, but first I have to find more, finding what I did find was actually hard.

Noce recipe! Thanks for the share!


I am not sure I believe this is actually a pandemic yet but better safe than sorry.

I think that price-gouging during a disaster is outrageous -- and I'm pretty certain that some of the places that do this actually have no real shortages but have things like toilet paper, water, alcohol, etc. stocked somewhere and are putting them out with the inflated prices a little at a time to create panic-shopping.


It isn't the stores that are gouging it is resellers buying out all the stock that are gouging. But if you run low on TP let me know I can bring you a few rolls.


Thanks! So far I'm (pardon my inevitable pun) good-to-go when it comes to TP, but I'll remember that. I really enjoyed the healthy snacks you made for me a few months ago, so I might see if you're making any up anytime soon.

Anyway, the TP scare seems to come -- at least, in part -- that most of our TP is Made In China and that, as they can no longer ship to other places due to quarantine.

The truth is that TP is made in plenty of places right here in the USA.

Anyway, I have nothing -- including food -- that I have to go out for at this time, so I'll probably be staying in for the next several days and getting things done around here that I need to catch up on doing.

This means that I'll likely wait until sometime next week to buy a 15-day bus pass.

By then, I hope the virus will have come close to running its course. We're staying as safe as possible here in our apartment building.


No it isn't I don't know where people are getting that but there are 150 Toilet paper plants in the United States only 10% gets imported and that comes from Canada and Mexico we do not import TP from China so it doesn't make any sense.

good good post, the price gauging is disgusting rates but at least Amazon booted off a million items that were being inflated.


not gonna get into a fight over a roll of toilet paper with some mcmansion horder, gonna go in nature at that point if it gets to that point, lol :/


I been a prepper for natural disasters and the likes since 2005 when we had a bad ice storm in my area, we were without power for 11 days, since then I always make sure I have plenty of TP and other supplies so if we go off the grid we won't freeze or starve or run out of TP, but I also don't keep an excessive amount either, though I do buy my TP at Sam's Club, I like the Members Mark TP and keep a membership just for that, and buy 5 packs of 9 mega rolls and like to keep a pack of that in each bathroom, so I on average keep beween 5 to 10 packs or 45 to 90 rolls, if I get down to only 5 packages of it, I go buy more so I never run out. But before the pandemic even hit I already had my 45 to 90 roll stock, currently I have 8 packs that are not opened and 2 packs in each bathroom with 1 roll out of each pack. If this goes on, I might have to give some rolls away to readers.


yeah disasters and bad stuff def trained me on a few things, it's refreshing to see you being the best of what blockchain can be about by even thinking of sharing. I see price gauging on some items but some companies with good Coloidial Silver or Oregano Oil are even dropping prices or keeping it the same and think it's the good in people that helps get us through scary stuff

Can I use vodka?


no but you could use Everclear and that will work, Vodka isn't strong enough only everclear is and maybe home made moonshine if you know someone that makes that.

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