Update on my studio


I know it been 23 days since I have updated on my build

It has been busy around here between working on the studio, tending to the garden and other responsibilities I been to exhausted to gather my thoughts for an update. I apologize for that but I been physically and mentally exhausted. We finished running the wire for the electrical and have install the insulation and we have most of the walls up. We have two panels left to place and a small panel of wall above the door to put up, then we will be ready to do the ceiling.





We took the breaker box put to put the same type of insulation that is on the ceiling

We figured it was best to put insulation between the breaker box and the out wall so there is no place for cold air to leak in. We ran all the wire and we do plan to wore the outlets and lights but we have a friend whonis licensed that is gonna hook everything up to the breaker box, install the RV style plug on the building and will be installing I think he said 50 AMP RV plug. I am the more of a show me and I remember it than I am with verbal recall. I am a visual and a kinesthetic learner. We are doing it this way to avoid having to get building permits. My studio because it is not on a permanent foundation is a portable building as long as I also do an RV style hook up and don't permanently wired to the property. The permit for the job to hook up an RV plug is $50. Plus if we ever move we can move my studio with us. If I made this a permanent structure the permits would run over $500. So though we never plan on moving, I made this a portable structure to save $500 in reality but you never know what life might throw at you.


We still have a ways to go

And it has been a little slow cause I have back issues and need help with some of the first stage work. Once we get the ceilings and walls finished the work will go quicker as I won't need as much help. But when I haven't been in the shed I been in my garden pulling weeds and grass that is trying to grow back. Again with my back issues it can be draining but a year ago I wouldn't have been able to even get a garden of this size planted.


My outdoor lights are next

As we can't install the last panels till we at least get them installed and wired. As once we put the panels up near the door it will close the access to them. We need an extra set of hands for the ceiling. The panels are too awkward to try to hold while securing them to the rafters so we have to wait till my son has a day off which is Friday to have that extra set of hands. Then out comes the paint sprayer and the floors.

I have two of these lights one to go on each side of the door

I am going to try to post more regularly

But likely that won't happen till this work is done as I am too exhausted most days to form a sentence let alone write a blog post. But I plan to take full advantage of this new work space I will have. I hope it inspires creativity.


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