It's time to lease some STEEM POWER!

2년 전

Have you been thinking about leasing STEEM POWER?

#Newsteem made all of us focus more on curation, but a lack of STEEM POWER can make it feel less than effective, and not everyone has the funds to power up STEEM.

@exyle stated recently that he earned "about 18% ROI on [his] SP", so there is a clear way to profit from curation!

DLease provides you with the opportunity of leasing STEEM POWER for a specific period of time and use it to earn curation rewards. Apply it correctly and earn more STEEM!

At the moment, the maximum APR currently offered on DLease is 15.70%, with the average APR being 13.01%. That's considerably lower than @exyle's 18%.

Why not lease STEEM POWER right now?

Don't miss out on the low rates!

Go to DLease now, log in and request a lease.

Choose how much STEEM POWER you want to lease, for what time frame, and how much you want to pay per week.

You even have the option to split a large lease into several smaller ones, to increase the chances of you receiving the STEEM POWER you want!

Do you have any questions? Need support?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord.

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tried the service :)

  ·  2년 전

Just a little review:

I'm currently leasing close to 100K Steem Power from Dlease and I'm actually looking to make a profit due to the increased curation rewards.

A couple of pro-tips for making profit:

  • Try to fine-tune your voting behavior, I've noticed that voting at 5 minutes doesn't give you the max. curation rewards. It's better to vote a bit earlier if you think that the author is going to get a lot of votes after yours.

  • Follow trails of successful curators, I'm currently following one curator at 6% voting weight and he manages to get +100% efficiency regularly.

  • Get your leases under 17% and you're getting an absolute bargain! I've got mine above 17% APR and I'm still making profit!


That is awesome insight, thanks so much @daan!! 100K leases wow! Some of that is my SP hehe,

That's a good idea @dlease I think leasing of SP is okay!

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Is number specification on SP lease to steem payment.
Or you can choose randomly.


Hi, we are not sure what you are asking, please have a look at and rephrase the question.

Seems like a awesome idea!
What a way to cling the ladder!

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Hoo yes !👌

hmmm... looks interesting, thanks for the info.

Can u vote for me?

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