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DLease - The Future of Profitable STEEM Power Delegations

As you might already know, we recently introduced DLease as our new platform to either lease STEEM Power from stakeholders to increase your own, or to gain passive returns from your staked Steem (a.k.a. STEEM Power) by leasing it out to others.

Previously, all that had been a feature of Minnowbooster, but DLease gives investors a cleaner interface with straightforward information on the returns they will receive.

Making Steem more attractive to Investors

After our article on, Coinidol recognized the value of DLease and proceeded to add free advertisement for DLease on their website!

An endorsement like this draws attention not just to BuildTeam, but also to the Steem blockchain itself; with investors turning their attention towards buying and staking Steem, thereby strengthening the whole ecosystem.

A Rising Demand for Investors

In addition to receiving increased outside recognition, BuildTeam services for STEEM power leasing and vote-selling are currently thriving - both on Minnowbooster and DLease.

There is an increasing demand from the community for STEEM Power delegations and purchased votes, which is barely covered by current delegator capacity.

Considering the high chance of the Steem market becoming more profitable in the future, the numbers will only keep rising.

As a result, now is the best time for stakeholders to either lease out their STEEM Power for an immediate return of liquid STEEM, or to sell their vote for a mixed return of liquid funds paid directly and STEEM Power through curation rewards.

Use your stake wisely, don't miss out on an APR of ~21%, with bursts up to 26%! Let your stake work for you, with the lowest risk possible.

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I have successfully used Dlease services for months now. It brings more opportunities for new members on steem blockchain.

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I am very pleased that you make use of our service, should you ever have any improvement suggestions please let us know.


Odd. When I read the above, I thought, why not make a small delegation and see how it goes?

I looked for info about doing so, but it seems I have to click to go elsewhere...and that gave me time to recover, re-think, and decide to wait until I see how things work out after HF21.

I'm only mentioning it as it seems to me a weakness in your marketing; not providing an easy way to cater to those who are influenced by your arguments, in favour of then stressing mostly that we should vote on the Witness platform, it seems counter-productive.


Not sure what you mean, dlease is a P2P leasing service with its own app it is not a delegation bot service, you instead delegate to others requesting leases on the market-


Thanks for the explanation, now I understand.

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I will give you feedback to get the information to others @dlease