New features of the DLease User Interface

6개월 전

Constantly improving upon the functionality and usability of our services and interfaces is a top priority for us at BuildTeam.

The latest improvements we want to present have been done on the DLease user interface. Previously, the header looked like this:

While functional, this setup lacked an easy access to information about the service, and data about available STEEM and STEEM POWER, the two most important values when you're using DLease to grow your investment.

Our new update takes care of that by providing you with both of these things.

Wherever you are on the DLease website, be it your dashboard, the market, or the FAQ, you can always quickly check how much of your STEEM POWER is idle, and if there is STEEM available for a power up.

If you click the hamburger menu to the right of your profile picture, you have access to direct links to our forum, discord server, the "About" page, the BuildTeam shop, and a list of more available apps.

The "Forum" option leads you to our DLease support forum.

Here, you can ask questions and receive help in case you run into any issues with DLease.

On top of that, you can click through the categories to receive help with any of the services within the BuildTeam universe, as well as the BUILDTEAM token itself!

In case you prefer to chat with someone from our team and are not already on our Discord server, the "Discord" menu option will let you join immediately.

Choose one of the help channels and ask for whatever assistance you need!

The BuildTeam shop carries all kinds of Steem related merchandise, subscriptions to premium options for our services, and other things.

You can choose if you want to pay with SBD or STEEM!

If you'd like to learn more about the shop or want to sell your own merchandise through it, click here.

Last but not least, the "More Apps" option.

BuildTeam believes in a strong Steem community, which is why you will find more than just our services when clicking this button.

Next to BuildTeam products like TokenBB and Ginabot, there are apps for account creation, game apps, and other apps that help the Steem ecosystem thrive.

How do you like our changes to the DLease user interface? Are there any other improvements you're looking for? Have you run into any problems?

Let us know!

We're looking forward to your input and to working with you.

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