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The Digital Miner craze has hit Steem, on Steem-Engine you can purchase and stake the mining tokens EM and EMFOUR, which will then give you automatic daily rewards from the mining pool of the ENG token. There are also mining tokens for SCT and PALNET tokens.

Did you know however that you could have been essentially mining Steem all this time with

It is kind of the same concept, except you choose your "mining rate" based on the available contracts on the DLease market, you simply purchase Steem and power up or use existing Steem Power you may already have.

If you have a look at the market, you can see the annualised APR in percentage, right now there are a few meaty contracts waiting to be filled at 19.6%, Steem's annual inflation is around 9% and reduces annually by 0.5% so this is keeping you well above inflation.

As a bonus you also earn circa 1.8% on your staked Steem Power as inflation interest to stakeholders, this is effected by the Steem blockchain and not Dlease, but not many people know about it, so on one of these 19.6% leases you are actually earning 21.4% in total, find me an bank that gives you that on your money?!

As one of the primary market makers on DLease, this really makes sense to me and ensures that my Steem holdings don't devalue in relation to annual inflation.

So back to mining, right... if you see the first contract below offered by @nathanmars it is for 7770 SP in support of his #SEVEN77 Steem marketing campaign, the daily payout is 4.757 STEEM which totals to 166.50 STEEM over the 5 week duration, nice!

To enter into this "Digital Mining" contract all you have to do is press the Delegate button and choose which account to delegate from and then just choose an authentication option like Steem Keychain, that easy!! From the next day you will start earning your "mining" rewards.

Steem-Engine Digital Miners vs Dlease Steem "Mining"

Okay so I missed out on the Steem-Engine miner craze and all my Steem is tied up in leasing on Dlease anyway, so I don't have any SE Digital Miners, I would however like to hear from all EM, EMFOUR, PALM, PALMM and SCT miners how much they are earning per day in relation to their stake and we can then work out what the APR is, I am interested to see how it compares to DLease nett returns.

To arrive at SE miner nett returns we need to factor in the 1% deposit and withdrawal fees on/off the exchange so already it is 2% down. Another factor to consider is that SE tokens are relatively new while STEEM is a top 100 crypto with many fiat on and offramps.

I'm not knocking SE at all, I'm suitably impressed with the tech and innovation, we ourselves are porting our BUILDTEAM token to be dual listed on SE and Bitshares (Spoiler alert!).

Hit me up with your comments on your returns on your current Digital miners, I'm keen to know. needs market makers, besides the listed contracts there is another 50K SP contract off books that will be added when the some of these contracts have been filled and there are new contracts daily!


Ricardo Ferreira
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It is difficult to gauge miner payouts because they are currently mixed in with curation rewards, at least for PAL.

I hope some tool is made soon to be able to discern the difference.


Perhaps an easy way would be to have a separate account that does mining only and not curate.


That would be a good test environment for some experiments.

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Let me know how it works out

Do you think the dlease leases are so few now because of SE or is it not connected. There used to be 50/60 leases up for grabs but lately they seems to be around 10/20 ?
Nice to here that the buildteam token is coming to seem engine. I've always fancied owning some but never liked the bitshares dex so never got round to buying any.


The lease value is still roughly the same, there is 58k SP open on the market, usually is a daily of 70K and I know there is a further 50K waiting to come to the market.


No I don't think it's connected, I reckon that it is just in general everyone wants to dump their altcoins into BTC cause BTC seems to be on its way to hit 20K.


I'd not thought of that in connection with steem but i guess its still an altcoin
Glad i picked up my btc a while back when it was much lower.


Thank you so much for being a guest on The Curation Corner Podcast. I am learning quite a bit as I am listening now. Since I have a small vote, I want to supplement my votes with a little SHADE (The Ramble Token).

Thank you again for all you do to make Steem the premier Blockchain in the Cryptosphere !



Thanks @sgt-dan that is really nice of you, I enjoyed being on the show and meeting you all.

It changes. It's like asking what's steem power worth? In this case it changes based on how many other people are mining.


It would be interesting to see graphs on it, when buying physical miners you at least know the spot rate of return from sites like and sure profitability will change as the hashrate increases, but there is a certain amount of predictability where you can build in an estimate by which the hashrate may increase based on historical values. I get that the SE miners are too new to have much of a history but at least spot ROI values should be possible to obtain somehow.

Right now people are buying based on FOMO and no real statistics, I personally prefer knowing what returns I can get or at least have an estimate.

All in good time I don’t doubt that such tools will be available, right now the only way would be to actually get user feedback on what they have been earning.

Hi there, as a newbie I cant grasp this idea so much but atleast I have some idea that there is this kind of system in the steemit. And I can be able to stake also my steem power. Really helpful. Keep up the good work. Thanks! :)

That is the power of dlease also that many people did not yet realise

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The news of mining steem coming to the stem market is joy . But the matter is very fine. There is something to understand and learn. Only then will it be accepted. Otherwise no Thanks, from Bangladesh

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