Scientists and doctors zap theory that microwave weapon injured Cuba diplomats - The Washington Post

2년 전


As the NYT let the cat out of the bag, WaPo stuffs it back in its place a few days later.


See NYT article:


Microwave weapons are not "extraordinary", they are well-documented, just hard to perceive for most people... unless being attacked at perceptible levels. Hence they do not need "extraordinary evidence", merely that existing documentation becomes more public.


Much of what happens around us is below perception thresh-holds - that doesn't mean it isn't really happening. Just download an EMF meter app to your phone and see what your senses are not telling you.


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The 1965 microwave weapon used by the evil Commies.


You don't even have to be an evil commie - you can just buy one for about $10m from Raytheon.
ADS = Advanced Denial System

if you are someplace you can download an app to your phone there will be some electromagnetic radiation there.