Minister Renews Commitment To Grassroots Sports Development.

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Giving kudos  to those who have made themselves  well more deserved  in the area  of sports  and football  in particular  is the Minister  adorable Youth and Sports Development, a man who is assigned to the commission of bringing  youths to the scene  of international  football,  sourcing for talents round  the country  and making them a world star in international games across the world.  Making the nation proud. 

In person of Mr Sunday Dare,  he has commit  a lot to this act and recently he laud  a tournament  made by PMB Cup,  in which Arewa United FC of Kankia defeated FC Barcelona of Daura in a 1-0 match.  

The minister  encourage this kind of tournament  in various localities  of the country  and made pledges  to keep on sourcing  for talents. 

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