Ripple's Plan for 2020 | Bloomberg Mess Up The CEO's Name & Shows Tether's Website


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The content regarding their plans were nice to see. On the other hand we saw how far behind financial news companies are when it comes to real tech improvements. Bloomberg is a huge deal in the mainstream. Yet they can't get the name of a CEO right (I heard CEO getting pronounced like CO instead - could be just me)

The inexcusable part is showing Tether while talking about Ripple in the background. Even when the biggest players in crypto goes on TV the public are getting thrown into a mess like this. It's sad but on the other hand it tells m that we aren't too late. You and I are still probably in the top 1% of people when it comes to investing in this future tech.

What I Think About Ripple

I think it's too big at the moment tbh. They are #3 in marketcap and X2.4 times the #4 player which is BCH. I'd say it's not a good idea to invest in anything that has a marketcap of 1 Billion USD. If you are into payment related crypto, I'd say pick Dash!

Disclaimer: this isn't financial advise

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