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Dr Kari Sulenes contends that if you want to be a better person, meditation alone is not good enough to reach your goal. As a solution to that he introduces Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga, a step by step system of yoga that introduces meditation only after perfecting six earlier steps. 

Dr Kari Sulenes' assumes a better person is one who is ethical and morally upright. 

Whilst all that is correct, it must not be forgotten that ethics and morality are not the ultimate goal of yoga or meditation. The ultimate goal is self realization or union with the greater whole, as  Dr Kari puts it. 

Ethics and morality are necessary tools but not sufficient to achieve the ultimate goal. It must also be remembered that ethics and morality are relative terms meaning different things to different cultures and at different times. What is considered immoral today in some parts of the world may not be considered immoral in another part of the world or for that matter in 200 years from now. 

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