My Walk Through Hisaronu Town in Turkey 3

3년 전


I was taking a walk with a friend of mine through the small town of Hisaronu which is in the Fethiye district of Muğla, Turkey last June, only to find some interesting shops there that were selling various copies of major brand goods such as Rolex watches, Bose Bluetooth speakers, Beats headphones, designer clothes and what ever else you could think of. Along with the ‘Genuine Fake’ products that could be found there, were some shops with very familiar names and logos (although most of them had very slight spelling mistakes).


Full post with more stories and pictures can be found here:


Find my first set of these photo’s in this link:


Find my second set of photo’s here:


This is the last set in this series of Hisaronu shops!

Thank you for looking and enjoy your day.


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These genuine fakes are very good business. How they manage avoid trial from the real brand owners?


I don't know how they get away with it over there @beco132 but, they would definitely be shut down quickly over here in the United Kingdom.

The name is itself interesting, Genuine fake. This types of items are found in country, although the name is not like this one. There you can find all world branded products with surprisingly low price. And those don't last long :D

I like Turkey and this town is in Hisaronu which I have never been but sure would like to go as I know the district of Mugla.

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