My SIN2 MEMORIES : There was no laughter SCARCITY



If you attended STEEMIT IN NIGERIA SIN2,  event and didn't experience a rib cracking laugh at some point during the event,  I suggest you check on the guys@air-clinic.

The event was always fun and educative.  Many thanks to the @leadent360 team for all the hardwork that went into the preparation of the event. 

One thing I can never forget about the event was the joy that was present and infectious too. There was practically no dull moment even during Sleeping times. 

I look forward to the SIN3 event.  I also thank @dlike team for finding the event worthy of their support and sponsorship. @dlike will grow from good to better.

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No wonder it was indeed one of the best meetups and do have few friends from Nigeria and was informed by them. 


Heard surfyogi was there also and saw the video as well. 

  ·  작년


Surfyogi added to the fun of the event. His supports were quite encouraging.

Lovely Pic, funny, 

  ·  작년

Thanks :)

In Seem blockchain, I see people from two countries are abundant. One from Nigeria and another group of Philippine. They are super active and a good number of them are in top list.